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Last year I reviewed the superb Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+, and now I have a brand new pair that I am giving away in a competition.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ Summary

The new plus model is a minor upgrade from the standard Melomania, switching the microUSB to USB-C.

The earbuds themselves are some of the best-reviewed earbuds on Amazon, and they have been universally well-reviewed by critics such as myself.

They don’t have any fancy active noise cancellation, but they make up for it with the overall sound quality. Unlike many of the random affordable Chinese brands that are available on Amazon, these are not excessively bass-heavy, so they are well-suited to people that prefer a more neutral sound.

The earbuds also have a companion app, and within this, you can customise the EQ. This will allow you to increase the bass if you do prefer that additional low end to your music.

These earbuds have an exceptional battery life, and they also have an extensive range of ear tips. This allows you to get the best fit possible which will then help you achieve the best sound possible.

At the time I reviewed them, they cost about £100, and they were a good buy back then. Recently, they have dropped the price down to an absolute bargain price of just £40 (for the white model). It looks like they are popular enough that the black ones are sold out.

These are such a good buy, I recommended them in my audio Christmas gift guide.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ Giveaway

My normal giveaways are used review samples but don’t worry, I don’t give away used earbuds. These are brand new and in the cellophane wrap.

To enter, please follow me on Twitter (@mighty_gadget) or Instagram (mighty.gadget) and leave a comment below stating your Twitter/Insta handle and why you would like to win the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+.

I will announce the winner on the morning of the 21st and aim to post them before Christmas (hopefully by the afternoon). They will probably be sent out by Royal Mail, so I’d say it is unlikely they will arrive for Christmas day, but I will try my best.

This is for the UK only.

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  1. I’m Currently still using wired earphones while running which are a pain for complete free movement. These would be a joy and set me free.

    Twitter – @PunjabAlchemist

  2. I’ve been going on long walks each day for a short while now and would like to be able to lsiten to music as I do so.

    Twitter – @dan_l33

  3. Still using wired phones while walking. Have tried some wireless but found the sound lacking. The description of these reads much better than my experience with wireless. Worth trying.

  4. I’d like to win because if I get any time alone at work, something I can use to help me concentrate away from any background noises.

  5. I would love better quality sound from my earphones to fully appreciate the beauty of the music I am listening to. @clairewoods32

  6. @ruthtwinnie on Twitter and IG . I would love to win these for when i go for a long walk alone!! Always better with music

  7. The earbuds definitely tick the boxes for me, I’ve never been too much of a fan of the extra bass a lot of headphones gives you. But interesting to have that equaliser to play around with too. You’ve got me interested!

    I’m looking for a pair for the commute to work that doesn’t tangle me up!


  8. I’ve had some wireless headphones for a few years now, they’re literally falling to bits from use. Once you have these things it’s hard to do without I find!


    1. Instagram: @ginsterman_uk

      Would love these for my commute to work and also during work to block out my colleagues who are on meeting calls

  9. I would love to win so they can go with my Sony MDR-1 over-ears and replace my cheap Chinese earbuds which sound terrible in comparison but I have been putting up with just for convenience.

  10. I’d love to win these for my son who lost his earbuds on the school bus & has been grumpy ever since. Also I was rather grumpy with him for losing them lol!

    My Twitter name is @ClaireLawrenso2

  11. The only headphones I have are old and never were much good! I had some wired earbuds but they broke eventually. What I really could do with is a decent reliable set.
    twitter @xraylima1

  12. I would love these as I gave my Samsung earbuds to my (now-ex) girlfriend.

    Funny seeing this as I was only looking at these a couple of days ago and was thinking it would be at least 4 months before I could afford a pair ????

    Twitter: u/Doktor_Apokalypse

  13. I’ve always wanted a white pair of earbuds, but can never quite bring myself to buy them in case I don’t like them.
    Getting some free would remedy that perfectly!
    Instagram: punisher81792

  14. Followed you on Twitter as @toesachu.

    I’d love to win because I’ve never tried earbuds, music of one of the only things that help my poor mental health and I don’t buy myself things so my kids can have what they need.

  15. These would be perfect because I’m planning to start the couch to 5k in the new year – which means I wouldn’t even mind if the Royal Mail does take a little time to deliver them 🙂


  16. Forget ‘seeing is believing’ How about ‘ hearing is believing’ and I really, really want to believe!!

    @ RumDave60

  17. I dont get on well with wires under my chin and never tried or owned earbuds but been told they are a must try so fingers crossed

    Twitter @Eric_the_kng

  18. I would love these for my teenage son, so I don’t have to untangle his every morning, and one side doesn’t work very well!
    Sparklyrainbows ~ Twitter

  19. @7stringbassist I’d love to win these as I want the convenience of wireless but still keep the quality of sound that, as a musician, I need to hear!! I can’t afford new earbuds anyway!! (on benefits as I’ve had M.E./CFS and chronic pain for 17 years).

  20. Insta handle @tracehallmark

    I’d be thrilled to win as I’m currently using an old wired pair and they are limiting compared to wireless rechargeable earbuds

  21. My Samsung buds have just stopped working so looking for a replacement and these like something I could get on with.
    SM – Zoeypma

  22. It would be brilliant to win these as I am still using wired earphones at the gym and I accidentally rip them out when I’m on the treadmill!

    Twitter – Rachelmedwriter

  23. I have just got a new tablet and love listening to music on it. Sadly my lovely hubby (for over half a century) doesn’t share my taste for mainly classical music and I don’t own any earbuds or headphones. So to put him out of his misery and save my marriage I’d love to win this prize! (Twitter: @avery64)

  24. I’ve never had earbuds! I ‘ve always got my music on when I’m out and about, it would be great to go wireless!

    Twitter & Instagram handles are both @jenrhymer and I’m following you on both

  25. Twitter/Insta @SmokinHerbz1/@smokinherbz1 I love the quality of Cambridge Audio in general so these would be an exceptionaly good set of buds for music on my commute

  26. I would so love to win these for my Daughter. She suffers terribly with anxiety and depression and music is such a help to her

    Twitter – @MrsSylviaP

  27. @morsey75 is my twitter handle. I only have 1 comment to make. I swapped to an Apple iPhone earlier this year, where is my headphone jack ?
    That is my reason for entering. lol

  28. I’d love to win because I’ve been researching and lusting after earbuds for ages but still haven’t actually managed to purchase any, and am still using my wired headphones! The sound quality of these sounds fab, and as I often struggle to get earphones that fit in my ears comfortably I love the fact they have so many different tips @TheBouncyFrog

  29. I would love to win because of the exceptional battery life and because as yet I’ve never tried wireless headphones
    @NaomiSFB on Twitter
    @naomisfb on Instagram

  30. This would be amazing as a mum juggling work and children time to myself to listen to music is so precious @ellie_rose84 on insta

  31. TW @FuckKnut
    Send them to me please pal! Sorry about the twitter handle ????
    I’d like them because I’m still using some old soundmagic e11’s – great but I’m about due an upgrade!

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