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There have been a lot of home surveillance cameras released in the past few years, and a growing number of these are completely wire-free, relying on batteries and WiFi to provide you with an extremely simple installation.

I personally use Blink XT, mainly because it is cheap, works great and uses AA batteries which avoids charging all the time. I have had one camera installed facing down from a window ledge to my front door for 6 months now, and the battery is still going strong!

I thought I would compile a list of the currently available options on Amazon with review, feature and pricing information. This will hopefully make choosing the best camera for you much easier.

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I have done a similar post with mesh Wi-Fi routers and it appears to be quite popular.

To try and get accurate pricing comparisons I have listed 1-camera systems, 2 camera, additional cameras and the cost per camera in a 2-camera system. Some options were not available on Amazon, they may be available elsewhere, but for the sake of simplicity, I kept things restricted to Amazon.

I figure most people would want 2 cameras and the cost per camera column appears to be the best way to compare prices.

Some devices require a sync module, so you may argue they are not entirely wireless, but I am classing wireless as no wires needed outdoors.

Wire-Free Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras Comparison

NameSingle Pack Price2 Camera Kit2 Camera Kit Per Camera
Additional CamerasNo ReviewsRatingSync ModuleBattery TypeMounting OptionsCloud ServiceLocal StorageReview
Blink XT149.99239.99119.99119.996534.2YesAA1 - Plastic / PoorNoYesHere
Reolink Argus 88.99177.9888.9988.99112.9NoCR123a1 included, excellentNoYes
Reolink Argus 2121.99243.98121.99121.99304.1NoRechargeable2 included, excellentNoYesHere
Swann Smart Home HD119.99216.88108.44119.99183Norechargeable1 - Magnetic / PoorYesYes
Logitech Circle 2157.58315.16157.58157.58833.5Norechargeable0 included, many accessoriesYes - V limited Freeno
Arlo177.49249.99124.99N/A9323.7YesCR123a1 included, many accessoriesYes - Limited FreeNo
Arlo Pro254.99405.48202.74203.472243.7YesRechargeable1 included, many accessoriesYes - Limited FreeYes
Arlo Pro 2N/A513.19256.5N/A2243.7YesRechargeable1 included, many accessoriesYes - Limited FreeYes
Canary Flex 173.98347.96173.98173.98943NoRechargeable2 included, many accessoriesYes, useless free serviceNoHere


There were fewer options than I had expected to find, and the decent options are quite limited.

In my personal opinion, there are 3 choices, my recommendation would be Blink XT as it is affordable performs well and doesn’t require an expensive cloud service plan.

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Reolink Argus 2 would be the other option I would choose, this is actually cheaper for a single camera system, but about the same price once you get 2 cameras. It doesn’t require a sync module which will be appealing for some. It doesn’t have the extensive number of reviews as the Blink XT does though.

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Lastly, if budget is no concern I would consider the Arlo Pro 2, at £256 per camera for a 2-camera system it is very expensive, but, unlike the original Pro it has 1080p recording and motion zones allowing you to reduce the number of false alerts. The Netgear app and cloud service are excellent, and the cloud service is quite usable with the free option, offering 7 days free recording. The Pro models have the option for local backups too, eliminating the need for a subscription service.

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