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Good news again to all the users of Optoma. Today we are lucky to present you one of the most important products in terms of domestic projectors, the Optoma 4K HDR model UHD60. We have been lucky enough to be able to try it for a few hours and we want to share with all of you the extraordinary feeling of having this magnificent projector. The quality of this new Optoma model is EXCEPTIONAL, and it has an affordable price as well compared to its most direct competitors. The level of quality is awesome. We felt that this one is a very good projector for home theater after completing the experiment in our lab. If you are interested in this new model keep reading the review.

Top Features:

  • 4K Projector compatible with HDR
  • Viewing with light 3000 Lumens
  • Ultra-contrast 1,000,000: 1
  • Simple connectivity – HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, S / PDIF, 2x 4W Speakers (8 W)
  • Easy installation thanks to the vertical lens shift.
  • On-the-fly conversion of SDR to HDR content
  • Dynamic black, Ultra detail and advanced CMS color management

Comparison with an HD142x case, here you can see very easily that nothing has to do with one projector with another, only for the “weight” and size we realize that the UHD60 is another range of projector.

The interior is very well protected as always.  The projector includes the power cable, the remote control (with white backlight) and a small quick guide.

The UHD60 in all its glory, the projector is much larger than the usual models of Optoma, the measures are 498 x 331 x 141 mm and a weight of 7.8 Kg.

On the side of the projector, we find the power button and source synchronization, plus 6 additional buttons to move through the menu without command.

By pressing lightly on the top front of the projector we can open a cap where the lens shift can be adjusted with the wheel and we also found the lamp cover here. The lens adjustment wheel is very durable.

Detail of the back of the projector

It has 2 HDMI ports ( HDCP 2.2 support, RJ45 port, and RS232) for projector control so that you can get the best from the projector while you are making the home automation systems. We also found the VGA input, 3.5-jack audio input, and 3.5-jack audio output ports. There is a trigger for electrical display. There are also 2 USB ports available, one of them is for service and another USB to power to external dongles.

The PS4 Pro although it is not native 4K, it can detect the game through the projector perfectly and activates of the HDR mode is to blast this game with HDR.

Audio Quality

The projector also has two speakers for an 8W stereo (2 x 4W), the sound is quite acceptable, but it will not be enough for someone who buys a projector of these characteristics and who likes to enjoy the highest level of image quality and sound.

The projector has a high-quality lens with 1.6x manual optical zoom so it gives enough flexibility to install it, then we indicate a small detail of distances with the most common screens.

Videos Quality

The videos shown above are just a small example of the quality of the projector, as we always tell you that it is impossible to capture the entire quality of the projectors in a camera recording (very difficult to record by shutter speed, ISO, etc …). In the videos, we can see that they (the video recorder men) tried to capture the quality of this new video projector by trying to see the videos in higher quality.

The videos are recorded without ambient light, on a 100 “screen, Canon EOS 6D camera and its optical zoom were used in some of the moments of the videos so that you can appreciate the total sharpness and clarity.

The video has the audio directly from the projector. The projector’s speakers have an excellent quality. If you can make your room (where you want to set up the projector) more audio compatible (maybe soundproofed!), the audio quality will be awesome.

We hope so far you can make a slight idea of the image quality of UHD60. We have received a lot of reviews from our readers for putting this new projector as this one is the best option in the market for price and performance. Now we are more than certain that it will be a good home theater projector.


We are really excited, as the appearance of Optoma in the domestic market of 4K projectors is increasing day by day as they have done well with the 1080p before. We hope that more and more users can enjoy this new display technology in large format in our homes. Finally, products are released at an acceptable price level. This one is now the most economical 4k projector at the moment. Optoma launches three 4K star projectors, the first of them was the UHD550x, then the intermediate one is UHD60 and the high-end projector is the UHD65.

Optoma will surely release some very powerful models at really interesting prices soon. If the UHD60 gives such nice image quality, we can’t imagine the quality of the UHD65. We hope we can review that one too soon.

These models are all “fixed-installation” projectors, so if you are thinking of something to remove and put directly to the stand then discard these new models and focus on the HD50 or HD28DSE. One thing that has caught our attention is that they lack vertical Keystone correction, although it is not really necessary because we have mounted it in the ceiling and with using the lens shift we squared the images on the screen which is more than enough.

Another “problem” is that in order to enjoy the highest quality of the projector we will need a UHD native 4K player, such as the Xbox S console for example. It is also possible to enjoy the 4K with content recorded by our 4K devices such as iPhone, Galaxy, Hero 4, Phantom Pro, etc. Also if we have a powerful computer with 4K graphics we can see the 4k content too.

There are streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime that already gives us 4K content, which is another option to consider.

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