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Thermaltake have a LOT of case designs that cover all budgets and I would be surprised if you can’t find a case from the company that fits your requirements.

Today we have the Thermaltake H200 which is one of the many affordable options I have reviewed from them this year.

This costs just £64.99 on Amazon, and if you are into your White built there is a Snow model for £69.98. Alternatively, if you prefer Scan, they stock both models for around the same price, but then charge delivery.

This case differs from the recent reviews I have done for Thermaltake, rather than a glass or mesh front panel with RGB fans, this has a solid front panel with a built-in RGB LED strip down it. I quite like this design, it is understated without being too flashy, or RGY-y.

While it is one of the more affordable options I have reviewed from the company, you should no it comes with no front fans.

So from a cost-performance point of view the Thermaltake Commander C series, Thermaltake V200 or Level 20 MT may all represent a better buy. With this have a solid front panel there is no need for expensive RGB fans, and instead, you can focus on either affordability or performance.


The RGB strip is controlled by a button next to the power, and you can switch between 19 lighting modes which include the impressive breathing rainbow colour. There are also plenty of solid static colours which is probably what I would choose if I use the case long term.

The tempered-glass hinge door is designed with a smart lock security system which secures the inner components of your case.

It comes with one preinstalled standard 120mm fan. The case is able to house up to dual 140mm or three 120mm front fans, up to 2x 140mm fans on top, and a radiator size up to 240mm on top or in the front to allow users to build a desired high-end system. The rear exhaust fan can go up to 140mm.

There is a full-length PSU cover with a ventilated design to enhance the airflow and hide those unsightly cables.

Two 3.0 USB ports on top of the front panel grants direct access when needed.

The top of the case is perforated and a magnetic mesh dust filter sites on top of it.

Build Quality and ease of build

Thermaltake 3

Build quality and the build process feels almost identical to other recent built. Unlike the V200 the PCIe brackets are held in place with screws so they are much easier to remove.

An ATX motherboard just fits in with not much wiggle room and the PSU shroud is not removable, instead, the side facing the solid side panel is completely open allowing easy placement of the PSU. This also provides ample room to shove all your cables inside in an attempt to keep things tidy.

The pre-tidied cables are neat enough and it helps with keeping the build process simple. The RGB strip has a SATA power suppy so this is easy enough to wire up.

As I only have 360mm AIO coolers, I had to use the Thermaltake UX200 ARGB CPU Cooler which I feel is a good fit here, it compliments the RGB strip, and costs just £30 so is perfect for a budget build.

There are 2 SSD drives which site on top of the PSU shroud, which allows for easy placement of your storage. I did find the motherboard could on these a little while trying to place it inside.


When it comes to affordable cases within a single brand there tends to be not much difference with the overall structure of the case.

Therefore, the overall quality and build process feels remarkably similar to the other sub £100 models I have reviewed, though a bit better than the V200 RGB which had PCIe brackets that needed snapping out.

I am inclined to say I prefer this design than the Commander C36, Level 20 MT, or V200 RGB, the Snow-white model certainly looks fantastic from photos. However, each case will appeal to different people, the Commander C36 is probably the case I would choose if I prioritised cooling over looks.

With this you will have to factor in the cost of fans, you can pick up three Arctic F12 fans for less than £15 which would bring the final price up to £80 making it the same as the Level 20 MT and cheaper than the Commander at £92.

Overall, I think this is the most aesthetic case I have reviewed from Thermaltake at this price, the build process was easy, and performance is decent once you add a few more fans.

Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass RGB Case Review Rating


Another great case from thermal take. The price is very attractive here, but you will need to factor in the cost of front fans.

  • Overall - 80%

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