Amazon Launch new Echo Plus, Echo Input, Echo Link & Echo Sub covering nearly all audio needs,

The Amazon Alexa speakers have been immensely popular, but they really offered high-end audio. Computing companies have taken advantage of this, Google Home Max, Apple Homepod and multiple Sonos speakers all offer superior audio. Along with some of the unusual releases, today Amazon has logically released a new range of Echo products to fill in the … Read more

Alexa in everything: AmazonBasics Microwave & Amazon wall clock both feature Amazon Alexa

Amazon has launched a bevvy of new products, expanding their smart hardware set up considerably. It appears Amazon maybe throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks because 2 of the products are a little left field. While they are not the first company to get into the smart appliance game it appears to … Read more

Amazon Prime Day – The best deals of the day – Save £100 on Echo Show and £30 on Amazon Echo

Amason Prime Day is finally upon us. Amazon’s attempt at creating a Black Friday in the middle of the year while also boosting its prime memberships. No wonder it now owns 49% of all the e-commerce market in the US. It doesn’t officially start for a few more hours but I will update this post as and … Read more

Netgem Netbox HD launches with Netgem TV offering FreeView Play and Amazon Prime Video

While most modern TVs have a decent OS running them providing access to Freeview and catch up, the experience can vary between manufacturers. TVs that are just a few years old can often be heavily flawed with their TV  services. This is why streaming devices are a great option, you can replace the smart functions … Read more

Mini Review: Aukey Ergonomic Wireless Mouse and Extra-Large Mouse Matt

I regularly review Aukey products and find them to be one of the best peripheral and accessory sellers on Amazon. They have recently sent me two new products to review, an ergonomic wireless mouse and an extra-large mouse matt. Mouse Matt As dull as it sounds this is the best item out of the two. … Read more

Amazon Fire TV Cube Confirmed – Fire TV-Echo Dot hybrid

Many people were slightly disappointed when the 4K Fire TV came in the form of a lower cost dongle with no ethernet (though it is a great device). Many AV enthusiasts wanted a more powerful box and we have continued to hope this would be released. There were leaks last year that Amazon was releasing … Read more

Inkerscoop WiFi Smart Living Power Strip Review

I have previously reviewed the fantastic TP-Link HS110 smart plug, which I now have 3 of. They are great for powering down devices on a schedule or via Alexa and allows me to fully power down my office room at night and have everything switched on when I get there in the morning. As usual … Read more

Globmall X4 Android TV Box Review

Having previously reviewed the ABOX A1, which had issues with some local file playback, I thought I would try another budget Android TV brand, this time the Globmall X4. Priced at just £42 it is slightly cheaper than the ABOX A1 but has the same specification. The internals is the same, you get: CPU: Amlogic … Read more

AUKEY USB-C & Lightning 20000mAh Power Bank Review

Another power bank from one of our favourite accessory companies Aukey on Amazon. I have found they always make reliable, well-built products at a decent price. There isn’t a massive amount of variation or innovation with power banks; a battery is a battery after all. However, this one does have a few stand out features … Read more

Ultimate Ears Megablast Review – Bluetooth, Waterproof, Portable Alexa Speaker!

Ultimate Ears are sub-brand of Logitech after being bought out by them in 2008. Initially, they started out as a custom IEM, and they entered the portable speaker market in 2013 with the UE Boom. The terribly named Ultimate Ears Megablast is their latest offering and is an IP67 rated portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker with … Read more

Amazon Echo Spot Review

The Echo Spot was finally released in the UK this week and can either been seen as a budget mini Echo Show or very expensive Echo Dot with a screen. Does it find a comfortable middle ground between the two devices? While the Echo Show is large and ugly, the Echo Spot can only be … Read more