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If you travel frequently you will appreciate a good Euro plug. Cheap adapters are rubbish and I always find they struggle to fit in the plug then you have the UK plug handing off it. With most if not all the devices I take abroad with me being charged by USB it makes more sense to have a USB plug adaptor with swappable UK and EU plugs.

I previously used a random brand one off Amazon and the housing of the plug fell apart leaving potentially dangerous components exposed. So I have now switched to one of my favourite Amazon brands, Anker.

The Anker PowerPort 4 Lite is a simple product, it is a USB wall charger with 4 ports that can provide 24W of power and has two swappable ends, one for the UK and one for the EU.

It can charge at a maximum of 2.4A per port. However since the total output power is 27W and it charges at 5V, the total A power to split is 5.4A. So if you plug 2 devices that charge at 2.4A, for another 2 ports there will be just 0.6A left to split (half needed to charge a smartphone, but enough to charge things like apple watch, TV remote or to supply power to other appliance which requires just 0.5A in)

The one omission I would have liked to see on this is Qualcomm Quick Charge, even though I use Huawei it would be good for other users to be able to get a quick boost of battery when you have a quick rest on a holiday.

However, at £13.99 with 4 ports, and the exceptional Anker build quality with their 18-month warranty there is not a lot to fault here, and this is now my go-to travel plug. I normally combine this with 2 battery packs, so I can have one charging when I am out, and one with me. Between these three small devices, I never run out of juice on holiday or press trips.

You can buy the Anker PowerPort 4 Lite today from Amazon for £13.99

I would highly recommend combining it with one of Anker’s battery packs for any trips too


Anker PowerPort 4 Lite
  • Overall - 85%

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