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After losing 100lbs and finding out I can fit into nice clothes I found that traditional wallets don’t work well with slim trousers. Just to be clear I am not one of these people that wears ultra skinny spray on pants, but most slim jeans or suit trousers suffer from terrible wallet bulge.

I only became interested in men’s fashion/style a few years ago but even back then the number of slim wallet options in the UK were slim, and I think the only decent option was the Bellroy Slim Sleeve which is a beautiful and well-made wallet but it costs £60.

Last year I tried one of the random brands from Amazon called Vaultskin CITY Slim Bifold Wallet and it has served me well and is a beautiful wallet.

However, it is still £30.99 and it isn’t the smallest option out there.

Trove recent contacted me to try out their new Ultimate Minimalist Cash Wrap which is currently on Kickstarter and you can pick up for just £23 and the final price will be £38 so if you like the look of this I would advise you buy as soon as possible

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Their target goal was £10,000 but they have achieved quadruple this at £40,599.

Trove is handmade in the UK at one of the last remaining leather goods factories. Whether you choose 100% vegetable tanned full grain Tuscan leather, or non-leather alternatives, every TROVE features precision woven Italian elastic to make your wallet durable and lightweight.

It is not like a traditional bi-fold wallet, as the product name suggests this is more of a cash wrap, it also features a handy card access slot for quick access to your most used cards.

Trove Ultimate Minimalist CashWrap Review 15

Use the pull tab to access your most-used cards without opening the Cash Wrap, or access cash FAST without unfolding the whole wrap. The Cash Wrap is designed to fit British £50 notes, which are larger than most international currency.

The £50 compatibility is a good idea, as much as I love my Vaultskin it only really works with modern £10 notes or below, as well as Euro and US notes. For £20 notes, I have to fold them up awkwardly.

Trove Ultimate Minimalist CashWrap Review 4

Trove makes a few other wallets and they have designed this new wrap in a modular way allowing you to combine one of the existing wallets with it to create a larger hold. This is handy on times you may go abroad or somewhere else where you have a lot in your wallet but don’t necessarily need an ultra slim wallet.

There is a wide range of colour options and because they have hit the flex goals they have introduced a vegan-friendly option and a carbon fibre option.

Trove Ultimate Minimalist CashWrap Review 2


Trove sent me their Mono Brown option, though I wish I had gone with Mono Tan option int heir stretch goals, Tan leather is beautiful. While I am not sure If I am ready to get rid of my old wallet, as the leather has just started to age, I do like the Trove.

It is smaller in height and width than my old wallet, though it is marginally thicker due to the wrap nature. I rarely use cash nowadays so having an easy access card slot is a much-used feature. The UK note compatibility is one key area that differentiates this from most other slim wallets, and if you find you carry cash with you a lot I would suggest this is one of the best options out there.

I am a big fan of leather and love full grained leather which is something you don’t see with most lower cost wallets. The fact they use a UK based tannery is another positive and something that increases the cost of production compared to cheap imports.

Many people obviously have an issue with leather, and I understand their decision, so it is good to see Trove offering vegan-friendly options.

You can fun the Trove cash wrap today from just £23 for delivery in December

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