Amazon Echo & Echo Dot now up for pre-order in the UK. Echo discounted £99 for Prime members.

Amazon have finally announced they are launching the Echo in the UK, and the RRP will be £149.99 but if you are a Prime member you can pre-order it today for just £99. Amazon Echo has been quite a bit hit in America, and a lot of app developers are working on integrating it into … Read more

Besiter Eclipse 3 7500mAh Series Portable Charger External Battery Pack Review

As a gadget geek and blogger, my phone battery starts to look sorry for itself by about mid-day so I am frequently reliant on battery packs to keep me going. Over the years I have collected quite a few. The recent pack I have been using is the Besiter Eclipse 3 7500mAh. It is actually … Read more

Venturer EliteWin 2 in 1 Windows Notebook Review

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Over recent years there has been a huge boom in the number of affordable Windows based laptops and convertibles. This seems especially true since the launch of the Intel Intel Z3735F which seems to power every sub £200 notebook out there. Thanks to Moores Law you don’t have to suffer … Read more

Amazon promises 30 minute delivery via drones with Amazon Prime Air

Amazon has become an unstoppable force over recent years, and even with bad press they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. One of the reasons behind their growth is innovation which can sometimes seem a little eccentric.

This time Jeff Bezos has revealed that the company have developed drones that are capable of carrying 5 pounds (2.26KG) to your home within 30 minutes.

86% of Amazons packages fit this weight criteria and the drone will sit at the end of a conveyer belt waiting to pick up your package and then carry them up to 10 miles to your home.

Obviously there are a whole bunch of obstacles to overcome before this becomes reality, the main one being flight regulations from the corresponding countries they are rolled out too. Also it would likely be restricted to the most populous of cities that are within the 10 mile reach of an Amazon fulfilment centre. Health and safety issues will also come into play, and no doubt working out how to avoid people trying to steal the packages.

We can’t wait to see the final service in operation though.

New Kindle Fire HDX 7

As it is coming up to Christmas season Amazon have refreshed their line-up of Kindles. This year brings a brand new release in the form of the Kindle Fire HDX in both 7”. and 8.9” versions, and both sport a new angular body. Both tablets have impressive screen resolutions with pixel densities rated at 323 … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Player : Watch out iPod Touch

CES 2011 kicks off tomorrow so expect lots of super cool gadgets to come out of it. One we know for definite will be getting a showing, and we have all the details for already is the Samsung Galaxy Player. Samsung have done their best to keep their product line as good, if not better … Read more