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I have had a lot of great earphones to review at Mighty Gadget but never any Bluetooth ones, and while I have used adapters such as the Sony SBH20 they have always been a little awkward. So I was quite excited when a new Swedish design orientated earphone company Sudio offered to send me out some to review.

The Vasa BLÅ are a stylish looking pair of Bluetooth earphones with the receiver and batter built into the cable itself, as well as a simple remote for music control, all of which is encased in a waterproof rubber membrane.

Sudio are very much design orientated, so everything about the earphones from the packaging to the earphones themselves look and feel great. They arrive in a small minimalist cardboard box which includes several sized ear tips, a leather pouch, a metal clip, as well as some stylish literature on Sudio.

Pairing the earphones is as easy as any other modern Bluetooth device, you simply hold down the play button for 5 seconds, search for devices then connect.

Wearing the earphones is extremely comfortable, the battery built into the cable is quite small so you don’t really feel any additional weight, and the cable is quite short so it fits around your neck without dangling too much.

Sound quality was fantastic, while it has slightly less bass than our favourites the SoundMagic E10, but overall it was on par with these, all the ranges were nice and clear, there was no tininess to the treble with higher volumes and everything seemed well balanced.

During vigorous exercise I noticed that they did fall out a bit more than I would like, but I suffer from this problem a lot, I ended up using some foam replacement tips and this appeared to solve the issue. The other issue I found was when running outside, or on the cycle machine, the side of the cable with the battery on it would bounce against the side of my face, which was quite annoying. This was alleviated by shifting the cable more to my right side, and you could easily use the metal clip to fix the earphones to your t-shirt to reduce movement. I do feel like it is a slight design floor, which is ironic, but I guess they chose this placement as it is symmetrical to where the remote is. Personally I feel it would have been better for the battery to be placed in the middle of the cable, where it would sit at the lowest point on your neck.

This is a minor niggle though, and the benefits of having earphones that are wire free during exercise certainly outweigh the issue I had with them. I also love the fact that everything seems to be encased in a nice water resistant rubber (especially the remote). In the past any pair of earphones I have used, even if they are advertised as being exercise orientated, have ended up with a temperamental remote due to excessive moisture (I work out hard, and sweat a lot). While it is early days with these, I cannot see this happening at all.

Overall these are fantastic Bluetooth earphones, that currently cost £69. This puts them at around twice the price of the wired SoundMagics, but the Bluetooth tech is always going incur an increased cost, and the convenience of wire free music during exercise is well worth the cost.

You can buy the Sudio Earphones direct from Sudio themselves for £69, and if you use the promo code mightygadget15 you will get 15% off

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