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Following our review of the excellent Sudio Vasa BLÅ wireless earphones we were sent some Syncwire wireless earphones who are primarily and Amazon seller specialising in peripherals and cables.

Priced at just £15.99 they are extremely affordable but it also meant I had very low expectations of these.

Packaging as you would expect is very basic, they come in a basic cardboard box, with a USB charging cable. The build quality of them isn’t bad, but they don’t have the same premium feel or look about them as the Sudio’s. All the electronics are held the earpieces themselves, including battery and controls/. This makes the ear piece quite large and the overall look and feel is not dissimilar to Bluetooth headsets we have used for phones in the past, apart from the fact these are stereo. Having all the electronics in the earpieces means the cable itself is left completely free of clutter and weight.

Putting the earphones and I found them surprisingly comfortable and they remain in my ears excellently, which was unexpected due to the increased weight of the overall earpieces. As well as the normal removable rubber tip there is an additional removable rubber section that sticks out which is designed to be an ear hook according to the literature. I couldn’t say if it made a difference but I had no issues with the dropping out frequently during use.

Pairing with your phone, as usual, is very simple, you held the button on the right earpiece, a beep sounds and your phone will see the device. When connected the earpieces speak to you saying it is connected.

Sound quality was also surprisingly good, they are very bass dominant so audiophiles might not appreciate them, but the overall sound was more than decent and I experience no tininess in the higher ranges, and no drop outs due to the Bluetooth. The quality isn’t really on par with the Sudio’s, or the wired SoundMagics, but these are considerably cheaper and more than adequate for casual use or exercise.

In regards to exercise, in the past 3 days I have used them in the gym and outside for running, I actually prefer them to the Sudio’s. Amazing the massive earpieces stay in my ears with no issues at all, and the lack of bulk on the wire means nothing is banging around on my face or neck as I run. Syncwire claim that these are sweat proof, I personally have my doubts, the controls around the earphone look like they could easily suffer for water(sweat) ingress, but the USB port is covered and everything on the inside of the earpiece looks well sealed. My hair is short and ears don’t really get sweaty so hopefully they will last a long time and they are covered with a standard 1-year warranty so at £16 you should easily get your monies worth out of them.


At £15.99 these are great earphones, yes there is a bit of a sacrifice in build quality, looks, and sound quality but they are a quarter of the price of other earphones we have reviewed. For exercise they seem to perform better than the more expensive models, there is no wire to get in the way like the SoundMagics, and there is no weight on the cable to band on your face while moving vigorously. For the price you can’t fault them really, and the Amazon reviews seem to back this up.

Priced at £15.99 you can buy them today here

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