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Smart fitness trackers are all the rage right now, and they have been booming for a couple of years now, so it is no surprise that companies are trying to branch out into other areas of smart fitness and health related gadgets. Smart scales are already well established, and Withings already has a smart blood pressure monitor, so what next?

Well Azoi Inc has one option for us and that’s the Kito+ bio-sensing health tracking iPhone case. I am not sure if that’s the official product description, but it is as close as I can guess. For the most part we can ignore the actual iPhone case bit, this just appears to be a convenient added extra to make using it easier, it is absolutely not needed. The core product is a credit card shaped piece of plastic which a few sensors built into it. These sensors offer a range of tracking features I have not seen on a gadget before, which include:

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen
  • ECG
  • Skin Temperature
  • Respiration Rate

As someone that used to be obese with major issues with stress I have always been a bit paranoid about my heart health, I used to suffer from palpitations a lot, as well as have high blood pressure. So a new fancy device that can do things like an ECG was pretty exciting for me!

Setting up the device is quite straight forward, if you have used any tracker before it is sort of the same, all you need to do really is download the app, pair it up, hit the tiny button on the device and then hit check-up.

The app stores your health history and you have the option to share reports via emails and overall it is well designed and easy to use.

facts_1When it comes down to the data provided, I have slightly mixed feelings about it, first of all some of the readings would be obviously be erroneous, that or I am dead. It would often struggle to get my skin temperature reading instead reporting around 19 degrees, which was more like the room temperature reading, in fact I never got a normal human body temperature, but after some digging around my hand skin temperature was probably correct at around 30 degrees based on the ambient temperature.

Other results such as Blood oxygen and respiration rate fell well within range of healthy, so that was a relief.

However, when it comes down to the ECG things start to get a little more confusing. ECGs are not a basic figure that you receive, such as heart rate or blood oxygen, so you can’t just quickly Google it and see if you are healthy. It is a graph that has absolutely no meaning whatsoever without doing a bit of research. Understanding the basics isn’t particularity hard, it is just a graph which shows the rhythm of your heart and you have particular wave patterns which include the P wave, Q wave, R wave, S wave, T wave and U wave and these all happen over a certain interval. From my very quick reading the main concerns were having a regular interval following a nice regular pattern as shown below and the clear existence of a P wave.

The problem here is there fact that I am not a Doctor, and thanks to Google it is very easy to be an arm-chair Doctor and misdiagnose yourself. The first time I used the device I was sure I had an issue with atrial fibrillation, my P wave wasn’t as nice and clear like all the examples on Google and I swore I was swore I was going to die. After a bit more reading and looking at more realistic graphs it turns out I am probably OK, in fact the Gadgette.com review shows a graph not dissimilar to mine.


So, overall, I do like this gadget, it offers something no-one else offers and it seems to generally work and be easy to use. But there are caveats to this device, it literally just provides you data, and it is not always data that is easy to understand so if you are interested in buying this then it is definitely something you should consider. It is also something that makes it a very niche product, I can’t imagine my Girlfriend thinking having an ECG monitor will be a handy addition to her fitness tracking.

You can buy it today directly from Azoi for £99, which is hard to say if this is good value for money. On Amazon dumb ECG machines start from £99 upwards and if we assume the Kito+ is accurate, then this would make it an absolute bargain.



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