Peaple with more money than taste – Gold Plated MacBook Pro

So if your a Premiership Football player or a Lottery winner this may be of some interest to you Computer Choppers will Pimp out your MacBook Pro with 24 Karat gold plating. At a bargain basement price of $1200-$1500 how could you say no? The price also includes having the keyboard painted to match up and if a 24 Karat Mac is not ostentatious enough for you, you can have a diamond studded logo of your choice to replace the apple.

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Zune 2 and Flash Zune Official also Zune 1 gets updated.

The next generation of the Microsoft Zune has been officially announced. This time there are 3 versions, the first a $249 80GB Hard Drive model, Second a 8Bb flash based model, and lastly a 4Gb flash model.

The new features include, wireless syncing with your computer automatically when within Wi-Fi range, a new touch sensitive pad (ipod esque) and videos in Zune Market place.

There are also reports that the Zunes sharing feature will be expanded to allow the sharing of other media, media will be viewable in the h.264 and MPEG4 file formates.

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HTC TyTN II – Vodafone V1615 – MDA Vario III – Features and Review

Well the HTC HTC TyTN II has finally landed on our shores and is available to buy from several online stores. Hopefully within the next few months Vodafone will release their branded version of it, the V1615 and also T Mobile as the MDA Vario III.
Cnet have recently done a review of it, and we have a summary of the general thoughts of this phone.

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Nokia E90 Communicator

The Nokia E90 Communicator is the latest line of business-like Nokia Smart phones. While this is still a beast of a phone in terms of size it is noticeably smaller than the former 9500 Communicator and manages to shave 20g off its weight.

This is the first Communicator with HSDPA and with an 800 x 352 16m-colour inner screen it can display whole Webpage widths in fine detail.

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