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Black Friday is over, and Cyber Monday is the last chance to grab yourself a bargain. Netatmo has numerous products discounted and I have been a fan of theirs for a while now, plus the PhiGolf WGT which I recently reviewed.

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera

RRP £249.99
Deal of the Day: £172.49

Honestly, one of the best outdoor cameras I have used, not without its flaws though. However, the floodlight combined with AI object detection makes this idea for use around your front door or any outdoor spot where people may pass through. This allows you to get accurate notifications when someone is detected, from my experience it has been 100% accurate for its person detection. Unlike other cameras which notify you with a slight bit of movement from a bush, this ignores all that, then categorizes none important objects such as animals. Check out my review of the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera

Was £155.00
Deal of the Day: £119.00

Again, probably one of the best indoor cameras I have used too. This takes the AI detection up a notch and has face detection, allowing you to receive alerts for people it does not detect while ignoring people who it does. You can then set up automation for this, such as disabling the Netatmo Siren or switching on your lights.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera, WIFI, Movement... Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera, WIFI, Movement... No ratings yet £176.75Amazon Prime

Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor with Wireless Outdoor Sensor

Was £127.99
Deal of the Day: £95.99

I have not used this year, but it looks like a fun smart gadget. As a keen runner and cyclist based up north, I obsess about the weather, so having a device that records the outdoor weather could be fantastic.

PhiGolf WGT Edition 2019 Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator

RRP £199.99
Deal of the Day: £139.99

Even though golf is not my kind of sport, the PhiGolf WGT was a fun game to play and a £60.00 (30%) discount is a substantial saving. While it may not be the perfect golf swing trainer, it is the most affordable and easy to set up solution you will find.

Huawei MediaPad M5

RRP £299.99
Deal of the Day: £203.99

The Huawei MediaPad M5 is possibly one of the best-specced tablets for the price. It features the Kirin 960 which was the flagship chipset 3 years ago and it should be able to handle everything you throw at it. It is listed as Android 8.0, but the Android 9 rollout started earlier on in the year, so you should get an over the air update when you set it up.

TP-Link Deco E4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

Was £108.58
Deal of the Day: £79.99

I have been impressed with TP-Link mesh systems in the past, in particular, they are easy to set up and reliable. Two of the most important things for a mesh wi-fi system. The TP-Link Deco E4 offers superb value for money, providing coverage for a large property all for under £80.

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