Oclean X10 vs X Pro Elite vs X Pro Smart Electric Toothbrush

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I have covered Oclean quite a few times now; they are a relatively new brand to the market that provides an affordable alternative to high-priced brands like Oral-B and Sonicare while being competitive with the overall specification and features.

Oclean has expanded its range of smart toothbrushes with the new Oclean X10, which has a wide range of cleaning modes and an incredible battery life.

Price and Discount

The standard price of the new Oclean X10 is £84.99. However, you can get a 10% discount using the code OCLEAN10 on the official UK website uk.oclean.com. This includes free shipping and all taxes.

Buy the Oclean X10

Oclean X10 vs X Pro Elite vs X Pro Smart Electric Toothbrush Specification

Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush2
OcleanX10X Pro EliteX Pro
DisplaySmart displayColor TouchscreenColor Display
App CompatabilityNoYesYes
Noiseless than 45dB45dB45dB
Brush Modes5 modes / 5 Intensities4 modes / 32 Intensities3 modes / 32 Intensities
Battery60 days35 days30 days Battery
ChargingUSB Type-CWireless Quick Charging 2.0Wireless Charging
Wall MountMagneticMagnetic2-in-1 Charge and all Mount
Promotion Price: £76.49

The Oclean X10 is a similar price to the superb Oclean X Pro Elite and X Pro, so it is worth comparing the specs of each toothbrush.

The main difference for me is that the X10 swaps wireless charging for USB-C but has an incredible 60-day battery life. I think this is my preference over wireless charging as I know I will always have a USB-C cable wherever I go, and this toothbrush is therefore perfect for travelling.

Oclean X10 Features

Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush

Colour Display

This toothbrush doesn’t have a companion app, but the colour touch screen provides most of the information you’d find in the app. This includes an interactive emoji feedback after brushing and a self-generated supplementary brushing plan if needed.

I use the Oclean X Pro Elite for my daily toothbrush, and after a couple of months, I rarely use the companion app, and I bet this is true for most users, so I don’t feel like you are missing out on much by not having an app with this toothbrush.

Personalized Brushing Setting

There are 5 distinctive brushing modes to choose from, and each mode has 5 levels of intensity just for any brushing needs possible.

These modes include Clean, Sensitive, Massage, White and Polish.

You then have the option for 5 different intensities.

Ultra Cleaning Efficiency

The Oclean X10 uses a maglev motor which is capable of 40,000rpm which provides a powerful but gentle clean, avoiding unnecessary wear on your enamel while keeping your teeth nice and white.

The toothbrush bristles are Dupont Diamond which claims to provide 115% stronger cleaning power.

60 Days Battery Life

To reiterate the incredible battery life, it takes just 3 hours of charging, and you then have 2 months of hassle-free use. I don’t have a 2-pin shaver socket in my bathroom, so I have always found charging my toothbrush to be inconvenient, and I inevitably lose proprietary chargers, so USB-C is perfect for me.

Aesthetic and Ergonomic Design 

The toothbrush is also designed to be as ergonomic and usable as possible, with an anti-slip texture to the toothbrush body that is also stain resistant.

This toothbrush is also available in three colours, blue, grey and pink.

You can buy the Oclean X10 now via this link.

Use the code OCLEAN10 for 10% discount.

Buy the Oclean X10

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