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I have used plenty of car mounts in the past, most of them have been the sucky-cup style or more recently the ones that require a magnet on the back. I have never really liked the idea of air vent mounts before as they sound like they would come loose. However, Baseus sent me their wireless car charger to review and I was pleasantly surprised by its performance.

For £24.99 you get quite a lot for your money, this is not only a mount but a wireless car charger that can provide 10W of charge. Wireless car charging for car mounts is a perfect combination, as you can just place it down and forget about it, not having to worry about cables each time you drive. Navigation can drain a battery quickly so having the phone charging at the same time is always a good idea.

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There are not many devices with wireless charging yet, but they are becoming more common, recent iPhones have it, as well as the  Samsung Galaxy S range of phones for the past few years. The Mate 20 will almost certainly have it too. With wireless charging there are some considerations to take into account if you have a particularly thick case such as Otterbox or a metal one, it won’t work. For most slimmer cases you should be fine, and for my Spigen Tough Armour, it works.

With air vent mounts you need a specific type of air vent, they need to be horizontally aligned for them to work. This works fine in my old Vauxhall Corsa but does not work in my partners Audi A1.

Set up is simple, you just attach the clamp to the mount and slot it on one of the vents. To stop the phone from slumping down I placed the clamp on the vent and pushed vents down as far as possible, then adjusted the mounting angle until it was aligned properly. Obviously, the one issue here is that it completely blocks off one of the air vent ports.

To get the QI charging to work there is a microUSB socket at the base of the mount which then needs plugging into a USB. It does mean you get messy wires, but considering you should never have to touch the cable again you should be able to do some cable management with cable ties and adhesive clips.

Car mounts are rarely the most attractive or well-made things, and this is similar, it is very plasticy and this is to be expected for the price. At first, I thought the mounting mechanism would never hold my phone securely it is very loose fitting, but the weight of the phone brings down the side clamps. So, while it is not a tight fit like some self-clamping mounts, it is a lot more secure as the side bits should never come loose.


For the price you can’t really fault it, QI charging works and the mounting mechanism works, so it does exactly as advertised. The bit that clamps to the vent is very tight gripping so I am confident it won’t come loose. The gravity style mounting means you can drop your phone into place and it will automatically secure and gravity should ensure it never comes loose.

You can buy this today from Amazon for £24.99

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Baseus Wireless Car Charger

Product Name: Baseus Wireless Car Charger Review

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