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We all know that an electric toothbrush is the best option for brushing your teeth. They are far more effective at breaking up plaque that forms around your gum line.

Many of us will buy big brand names like Oral-B and Sonicare, more often than not lured in by the massive discounts they offer on the recommended retail price.

Even with over 50% off, you will quite often find a toothbrush will cost over £100. While they may be excellent toothbrushes, there is no need to spend that sort of money.

Brands like Oclean have entered the market with high specced toothbrushes at a much lower price point and, more often than not, a far superior battery life (which is one of my main gripes with the big brands).

Oclean has four products within their toothbrush range that have discounts until the 26th of December.

Oclean Flow

The Oclean Flow is the latest launch from the brand, it is one of the most affordable options they have priced at just $99.99 USD RRP and is currently discounted by 35% down to $69.99.

As part of the Christmas sale, that price includes 2x Oclean Flow plus 8 brush heads! That’s $35 per brush or around £27.

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It is a good toothbrush too, I actually use this personally. Features include:

  • 38000 RPM Motor Cleaning Power
  • 180 Days Long Standby
  • 5 Brushing Modes for Your Choice
  • 2 Minutes Smart Timer and 30s Reminder
  • IPX7 Whole-body Waterproof
  • USB Typ-C Charging

Oclean Air 2

The Oclean Air 2  is a similar price to the Flow with a similar discount. The toothbrush by itself is $89.99 but the current Christmas bundle deal includes two Oclean Air 2 toothbrushes plus 8 brush heads.

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The main difference with this is that it is designed to be whisper quiet (not that I find the Flow loud), and it has a fast magnetic charger rather than USB. Battery life is 40 days, which is still more than double what the big brand names offer.


  • 40,000 Vibrations Per Minute
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • 2.5 Hours Fast Charging, 40 Days Battery Life
  • IPX7 Waterproof
Air 2

Oclean X Pro

oclean x pro toothbrush1 1 1

The Oclean X Pro & X Pro Elite are the flagship products. These introduce a colour display that provides feedback about the quality of your brushing and the areas of your teeth which you have successfully cleaned.

This has AI-controlled pressure-sensitive technology, which will reduce the frequency of the brushes if too much pressure is detected.

There are 32 levels of adjustment that all can be selected from the display, it is also possible to pair up the toothbrush with an app on your phone for a blind zone overview, brushing report, brushing plan customization.

The battery on this is 30-days, due to the high vibrations per minute and all the other fancy features.

The Oclean X Pro deal is $159.99, which is a bundle including 2x Oclean X Pro and 8 brush heads.

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  • 42,000VPM Powerful Clean
  • Ai-powered Brush with Color Display
  • Smart APP & Brushing Plan Customization
  • Blind Zone Detection
  • 2-in-1 Charge and all Mount
  • 3 Cleaning Modes with Adjustable 32 Intensities
  • AI Frequency Reduction
  • 3D Designed Dupont Bristles
X Pro

Oclean X Pro Elite

Ocleon X Elite Pro3

Finally, the Oclean X Pro Elite is the best toothbrush Oclean currently sell.

In comparison to the Oclean X Pro, this has 4-brushing modes and with the same 32 levels of intensity.

It has both a wall-mount and a wireless charger vs 2-in-1 magnetic+mount, and the battery life is extended to 35 days.  

It then reduces the noise even further to below 45dB, and it has achieved a Quiet Mark accreditation.

The Oclean X Pro Elite is $99.99 RRP; you can currently pick it up by itself for just $79.99.

The Christmas bundle deal is a bit different being priced at $299 and comes with:

  • 2 x Oclean X Pro Elite (worth $200)
  • 2x Oclean W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser (worth $200)
  • $100 worth of accessories including 8 toothbrush heads.

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Mega Bundle

Additional Chrismas Discounts

On top of all the above deals, if you spend over a certain limit, you will get one free gift. This includes

  • 2 brush heads for orders over $99
  • Oclean tote back for orders over $169
  • UVC sterilizer for orders over $249
  • Oclean W1 water flosser for orders over $399

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