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The hard drive is one of the most critical assets of your laptop. And why not? It contains all of your essential data and files. However, most of us live in fear of what to do in case our hard drive fails.

To stop living in this fear, you can extend the life of your hard drive. However, another option is to use Hitachi hard disk data recovery to recover all your data. Let’s have a look at the methods to extend the life of the hard drive.

5 Ways Extend the Life of Your Hard Drive

Here are 5 ways to extend the life of your hard disk:

1.     Prevent Overheating:

If you want to increase the lifespan of your hard drive, protect it from heat. When I say heat, I am saying avoid overheating your laptop and computer. Situations like inadequate ventilation, extreme weather, and an overheating environment can lead to the hard drive to generate too much heat.

Therefore, keep your drive in a place with proper ventilation where air can flow freely around it. And try to set your computer and laptop in a cool place to avoid any damage due to heating.

2. Proper Power Management:

For the proper functioning of a hard disk and to extend its life, proper power management plays a crucial role. It is never good to keep your laptops on for a long time or to put it to sleep during a longer period of inactivity.

Moreover, if you frequently turn on and off your computer, it will lead to additional wear and tear, thus reducing the drive’s life. Besides, a sudden power outage can also cause damage. Therefore, it is better to use UPS to protect the hard drive from any sudden power outage.

3. Keep Dust Out:

Always remember that dust is harmful to your computers. However, your PCs will get filthy by the dust, dirt, and hairballs. So always clean your PCs from time to time. Dust acts as an insulator and suffocates our computer.

When you don’t remove dust for a long time, it can increase your computer’s temperature. And we have already explained temperature is the worst enemy of your hard disk life.

4. Handle Properly:

Another quick way to damage your hard disk is by mistreating it. As a result of which its life span decreases. However, if you handle hard drive gently and with extreme care, you can increase its lifespan.

Don’t tuck your laptop at night and put it in a padded bag if you carry it around to keep it safe.

5. Prevent Vibrations:

The most common and quick way for hard drive failure is physical damage. Even a small disturbance in the moving parts of the hard drive can lead to malfunctioning and failure. Things like a hit, knock, bump, or shock can damage the drive, especially when heads are trying to read and rewrite data.

Therefore, always avoid removing the hard disk from your computer once it is installed. Always be very careful with the drive, and the best way is to place your laptop at some safe place where it is away from jolts and knocks. 

Final Words

With care and mindful attitude, you can quickly increase the lifespan of your hard disk. Follow the tips mentioned above to extend the life of your hard drive. Data loss in evitable despite all precautions, so when the need arises choose the best external hard drive data recovery company.

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