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In this article, we will explain how to buy a Microsoft Office product key for cheap and 100% legally.

You may already have read our guide as to How and where to purchase Windows 10 and now you need to obtain a legal license for Microsoft Office to complete your system? Continue reading this article to find out how to purchase an Office key in a perfectly legal manner, and, above all, to save money.

Maybe you’ve visited the Microsoft Store for a Microsoft Office 365 product key, however, you should consider that Office 365 is a yearly subscription service and you can spend end up spending over £60 per year, after your initial 30-day free trial. The situation becomes more burdensome if you decide to purchase a Microsoft Office license in a one-off payment: depending from the edition, you may have to spend from £119 to £419, a hefty amount especially if you are a student.

Where to purchase Microsoft Office and save

Fortunately, you can purchase Microsoft Office in form of a lifetime license and get a full version of this popular productivity suite at a considerably reduced price. In fact, the Microsoft Store is not the only webstore were you can purchase your MS Office product key, as you can see making a quick search on Google, there are plenty of third-party stores and merchants on Amazon or eBay, but not all are reputable and trustworthy.

Scams can be a concrete risk, therefore, it is vital to mind affiliate sellers and their feedback. Out there, you can find websites selling cheap Microsoft Office and Windows 10 products, but it may not be clear whether the source of such keys is transparent or legitimate or, worse, if they come from the ill-famed grey market.

However, you have one excellent option to buy a cheap Microsoft Office license in the UK: Mr Key Shop, a digital reseller that offers only genuine licenses at very competitive prices.

Mr Key Shop is your one-stop-shop

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As we covered in “Mr Key Shop: who are they and what services do they offer?”, this e-commerce is one of the most trusted destinations to but cheap Microsoft Office keys. As shown by their excellent score on TrustPilot (93% positive feedback), Mr Key Shop is a very secure and trustworthy reseller which offers a rich catalog where you can save up to 70% over the MSRPs. For example, you can buy Windows 11 and 10 at a fraction of the price. And, since you’re here, you’ll probably need a MS Office Product key. Well, Mr Key Shop got you covered! Here, you can by Microsoft Office 2016 at a ridiculously low price, or you can buy Office 2021, if you’re looking for a more modern approach to this classic productivity suite. Need an antivirus to complete your software package? You can subscribe to Norton 360 Deluxe or ESET NOD32 and save significantly. Also, Mr Key Shop offers VPNs and business-grade tools like Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, and more.

Speaking of Windows 11, do you know that you can save even more by purchasing Windows 10 and then upgrade to Windows 11 for free? Learn more here: “How to download Windows 11 for free”.

And if you are on an older machine, perhaps running Windows 7 or 8.1, here’s how you can download Windows 10 for free.

Another great benefit from Mr Key Shop is their real-time delivery system: once you complete your order and make your secure payment (via PayPal, Stripe, and other reliable providers), you’ll get everything you need right in your inbox: your brand new Microsoft Product Key (or whatever software you chose to purchase), an official and secure download link (where applicable), an official invoice, and access to Mr Key Shop’s excellent Technical Support, which will always be at hand both before and after your order. Furthermore, each purchase is covered by a full money-back warranty.

Last but not least, Mr Key Shop has always pursued a 100% Eco-Friendly approach to their business: for this reason, they never ship any physical good. This way, you won’t pay any extra shipping fee, and help them reduce pollution and waste. That’s what we love about Mr Key Shop above all.

How to buy Microsoft Office from the UK

You can easily buy Microsoft Office from the UK: Mr Key Shop is an international reseller, therefore you can shop there from wherever you are. Their website and support are both available in English, so you’ll never have to climb any linguistic wall!

To buy your Microsoft Office product key from Mr Key Shop, just point your browser to www.mrkeyshop.com, and go to the relevant Office section from the top section of the website. As you can see, a vast catalog is waiting for you.

More specifically, here’s all the versions of Office you can choose from:

  • Office 2021 for PC/MAC
  • Office 2019 for PC/MAC
  • Office 2016 for PC/MAC
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2010

Add your chosen product to the cart, and then proceed with the checkout. You’ll either have to create a new account or login with your credential if you’re already have one. Then, you’ll be asked to choose your favorite payment method: rest assured, all of them is 100% secure and trusted. If you want a further layer of security, pick PayPal, thanks to their own Customer Protection Program, however, Mr Key Shop has a full money- back warranty that will cover any issue, no matter what payment method you’ll end up choosing.

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What happens after the purchase is concluded?

Once you have purchased your Microsoft Office license key, you will receive an email with your new Microsoft Office license key and complete instructions to download Office from the official website as well as how to use your activation code. Guidance is clear and complete, however, you can always count on the aforementioned Technical Support.

In a matter of a few minutes from your Microsoft Office key purchase, you’ll have your brand new productivity suite up and running!

Are you on a very strict budget? Learn how to download Microsoft Office for Free.

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