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Mr Key Shop is an e-commerce software platform offering highly competitive prices, immediate delivery and free step-by-step assistance even if you are not skillful in computer matters.

In this brief presentation, we wish to draw your attention to one of the most important and well-known sites where software is available at very convenient prices. Our aim is to facilitate your choice as we are aware of the difficulty to choose a reliable online site for purchases of this kind. We recommend that you also read these articles: How and where to buy Windows 10 and also How and where to buy Microsoft Office.

Mr Key Shop is a UK-based company, which in recent years, has been setting itself apart in the world of online sales of Microsoft licenses and software for PC and MAC. Our legal head office is in London and operates on an international level. Our team is young and specialized and, as we fuel our work with passion, we are slowly gaining strength on the marketplace.

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Mr Key Shop: convenience at the service of the customers 

As clients’ needs and demands have increased exponentially with the ever growing use of PCs as a means for work as well as for home use, Mr Key Shop efficiently meets such needs, even for the less experienced computer user, in particular, as smart working becomes common practice. 

2 mr key shop operating systems reseller

In fact, notwithstanding the surge in demand of our products resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Key Shop has maintained its prices unvaried. The assistance offered by Mr Key Shop follows the client from the moment of purchase until the successful installation of the software, be it on a professional basis but also with the human factor at hand, bringing assistance even in the most complicated steps, as would a good friend.

What are the advantages and the services offered by Mr Key Shop?

Mr Key Shop’s strong points are modelled around the real needs of the client, such as the following:-

  • Highly competitive prices;
  • 100% original licenses;
  • Product delivery in 30 seconds via email – this eliminates any environmental impact created by physical consignment;
  • Secure payments, independent of the form of payment;
  • “Client satisfaction or reimbursement” guarantee in the event of purchase error or product exchange;
  • FREE technical assistance.

Mr Key Shop: what are you able to buy on the site?

Upon entering the Mr Key Shop site, the detailed care thereof is immediately evident, as are the neat landing pages and the clarity of the information that easily directs the client toward the desired product choice:




The convenient prices offered by Mr Key Shop are one of the first elements that catch the eye, especially so if one is accustomed to the Microsoft price list. The saving is both unexpected and significant. It is immediately evident that the purchase price is advantageous, in particular, for those clients who need to renew both the operating system and the required software such as Office and antivirus packages.

3 mr key shop microsoft office reseller

The prices are too low … is the software trustworthy?

By now, we are all well aware that the internet offers a vastness of choice as well as good savings on products but not always is it safe to navigate in just any site, more so, when it comes to buying Windows licenses. Unfortunately, it is very easy to fall prey to unreliable sites and to be swindled. Security comes first for Mr Key Shop, therefore, all its refurbished software carries a legal guarantee in line with various institutional judgements. The first one issued is that of the Court of Justice dated 3rd July 2012, c-128/11 which legalizes the sale of thereof.


After this quick introductive tour, one can decidedly rest assured of Mr Key Shop’s standing and can proceed to make a purchase with confidence or simply ask questions in case of doubts about the products and their functionality. Furthermore, the purchased software is immediately available for download without having to wait for the delivery time that a physical consignment would entail.

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