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I reviewed the EPOS H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset back in 2021, and I have now finally managed to get my hands on the EPOS H3Pro.

This takes the winning formula of the H3 Hybrid and improves it with low latency wireless connectivity and active noise cancelling.

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  • Lag-free wireless with low-latency dongle​
  • Enhanced noise cancellation with ANC​
  • EPOS engineered audio​
  • Audio mixing between wired connections and Bluetooth®
  • Dual microphones with detachable boom arm
  • Intuitive built-in volume control​
  • Lightweight adjustable fit​
  • Long battery life​
  • Multiplatform compatibility

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid vs H3 Hybrid vs H3

Basically, the differentiating thing between the three products is the connectivity (and ANC):

  • H3 – Analog
  • H3 Hybrid – Digitally Wired, with Bluetooth and Audio mixing
  • H3PRO Hybrid – Wireless headset, Low latency wireless PC and PS5 gaming, with Bluetooth, ANC, Smart-button etc.

The drivers and DAC of the H3 headphones are the same.

Design and Comfort

The overall design and comfort of the headset is about the same as the H3 Hybrid. I was sent the new racing green colourway, which has copper coloured embellishments. I prefer the colour scheme to the usual boring black or white options, and I think it gives the headset a more premium look.

Beyond the new colour scheme, the only real difference is the ANC switch on the right earcup.

The headphones are comfortable to wear for long sessions thanks to the thick, soft earcups, but like most headphones, they can give you hot ears.

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Review3

EPOS Gaming Suite

You will get the most out of your H3Pro if you install the EPOS Gaming Suite. One annoying quirk was that the software was quite slow to recognise the headset when connected wirelessly. It takes about 20 seconds before it recognises that the H3Pro is connected, and I can tweak the settings.

All the settings are the same as the H3 Hybrid, including 7.1 audio. One addition is the ability to control the level of ANC.

If gaming on the PC, I’d personally say spacial audio or Dolby Atmos for Headphones is better.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is almost identical to the other H3 models, but ANC does make a difference. With ANC on, the soundstage is reduced, and it feels like the bass becomes a little more pronounced and the highs slightly recessed. Active noise cancelling changing the sound profile of headphones is something that is inevitable with headphones.

For PC gaming, you also have the option to customise the EQ to your liking via the gaming suite.

Wireless Connectivity & Dual Connectivity

EPOS has two ways to wireless connect, Bluetooth 5.2 and the wireless dongle. I thought the dongle might just be an aptX Low Latency adaptor, like the GTW 270 Hybrid, but it is actually 2.4 GHz wireless.

The dongle is compatible with the PC, PS5/PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The dongle is auto paired with the headset, so as soon you plug it into the PC, it will automatically connect to the headset when switched on.

The 2.4 GHz is as good as you’d expect, the connection remains solid, and there is no perceivable latency. Range shouldn’t be an issue as long as you are in the same room as the device you are using.

Just like the H3 Hybrid, you have a dual connectivity option, but this time you can have the 2.4Ghz wireless connection active with your PC/PS5 then a Bluetooth connection with your phone for discord and other apps.

One negative I found is that the Bluetooth connectivity is limited to SBC. It would have been good to have aptX Adaptive or similar.

Noise Cancelling

Noise-cancelling is good but a long way off class-leading. Playing my standard aeroplane cabin noise and max volume through my PC speakers, the headset reduces a significant amount of noise but still lets quite a bit through. Normally I find a headphone is good at blocking out all the low end and leaving a lot of high frequencies, but these still let through some low-end rumble.

Subjectively I would say they offer about 70% of the performance as my Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, which isn’t bad, really. They are a £300 pair of headphones and lack all the other features the H3Pro has.

For me, I am not sure how important ANC on a gaming headphone is, I mainly use ANC when I am outdoors or commuting, which is not when I would be wearing a gaming headset. However, the detachable mic means these can transition well into a pair of commuter headphones.

Battery Life

Battery life isn’t going to cause you too many problems. The only issue is that even when connected via 3.5mm and with ANC off, these will use some battery, giving you 29 hours of gaming.

With the dongle and ANC off, you get 30 hours.

The ANC shaves a significant amount of time off, dropping down to 19 hours when using the dongle.

Worst case scenario, I found that I can use a long USB cable and charge the headphones will still using them on the wireless connection. Or you can connect the USB directly to your PC and switch to wired gaming.

Price and Alternative Options

The EPOS H3PRO is priced at £239, making it one of the most expensive options on the market, few options have this exact feature set.

I think the JBL Quantum 800 is the closest, with 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth and ANC. They are cheaper with an RRP of £180 but have some middling reviews.

The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT is a well-reviewed premium headset with extensive connectivity options, but it lacks ANC

Both the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 and Razer Opus X are quite affordable and have ANC but wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth only.


The EPOS H3PRO is the most expensive headset EPOS offers and is on the pricey side of gaming headsets in general.

However, few other gaming headsets can compete with the feature set of the H3PRO. If low latency wireless gaming and active noise cancelling are important to you, then this is your best bet.

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Review Rating


The EPOS H3Pro Hybrid is an incredibly versatile gaming headset that connects with just about anything. The low latency wireless connection combined with ANC is what allows these to stand out from other premium options

  • Overall - 80%


  • Versatile connectivity
  • Low latency wireless
  • Active noise cancelling


  • expensive

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