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With the cost of technology and the trend towards mobility, you need something that can carry all your tech safely and look good too. This is what Knomo tries to achieve with its very tech focussed bags.

At £279 the Knomo Kobe is hardly cheap but there is a range of features that aim to justify this cost.

Some of the key features include:

Padded laptop & tablet sections: fits up to 15-inch laptop. Designated section means your laptop is easy to grab on the go and kept separate from your other possessions
Pocket with RFID blocking: essential for storing your phone, bank cards, and passport to ensure you’re not prone to identity theft
Cleverly concealed zipped lined back section: to attach your Kinsale securely to your suitcase
Detachable Key Chain: never find yourself rummaging at the bottom of your bag for your keys again
Canvas against your back: for additional comfort
KNOMO ID register your bag and if it’s lost, the founder can return it to you through our portal

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The Kobe uses full grain leather which is a major factor in the cost of bags if you are happy with just a fabric style bag you can save £130 with the Knomo Osaka. While this bag does use full grain leather it also uses quite a lot of fabric, mainly on the rear of the bag. The leather itself feels very soft and light, much more so than I usually see with full grain so I am unsure how this has been achieved. However, normally with full grain leather, it is much more durable than bonded leather you find on most bags and shoes, and it will age and develop a nice patina over the years. Full grain leather should also be far more durable than the bonded variety.

The bag itself is very padded, so it is quite large even before you put anything in. It weighs 1.17kg, which feels quite light to me, and it shouldn’t bog you down too much. There are a lot of compartments within the bag, and you should easily be able to carry all your tech and accessories for the day. With the bag being padded and then the internal compartments padded I felt quite comfortable carrying around my Acer Spin 7 without using a laptop sleeve. The internal fabric is also quite soft and one compartment has a velvety feel to it, you should also avoid getting anything scratched.

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One of the big selling points of this bag is the RFID blocking pockets. I didn’t really check to see if the RFID blocking worked, but it safe to say it should work and it is increasingly important to have. Phones, passports and credit cards all use this tech now, and there have been growing reports, people, stealing identities or carrying out fraudulent transactions by just bumping next to someone.

Several of the compartments are zipped, which is good for helping to prevent pickpockets. Personally, I would have liked a big zip across the entire top of the main compartment, ensuring the laptop and everything inside is secure. There are magnets that hold the main flap in place, and these are quite strong, so it is still quite secure.

There is a detachable keychain in the bag too, which I find really useful as I am terrible for just putting my keys anywhere and then having to root through every single pocket.

Knomo has a unique registration system where you can register your bag with them, and if it is lost it is possible that it can be returned back to you. I am not entirely sure how effective this would be, but it is a bonus feature none the less.

Overall this is a great bag, in that it does exactly what you want it to and it does it well. For me, £279 is an awful lot of money to spend on a bag, but looking around the internet for full grain leather messenger bags it would appear that it is not that expensive at all and/or not very well designed for laptops and tech.

If you commute or travel a lot and need all your tech with you then a bag like this is a great investment.

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