Best Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves – Programmable TRVs with WiFi / Bluetooth to save on heating costs this winter

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Following on from my smart electric radiator post, this post covers smart programmable radiator valves. Most press coverage and advertising focus on smart thermostats, which allow you to control your boiler via an app and, in some cases, set up various automation. Quite frequently, this coverage makes grand claims about how you will save money on heating.

Tado specifically states that you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 31%, but it is a bit of a vague statement that will most likely rely on their paid monthly service of auto assist. Claims like this will no doubt be true, but it will probably be a best-case scenario for users that transition from poorly optimised heating to being able to make the most of the auto assist function.

In my opinion, all that a smart thermostat does is provide a convenient control for your heating. If you were frugal with heating in the first place, I doubt you would see a significant difference.

However, the product that should have a noticeable impact on your heating bill is zoned control of your heating through the use of programable TRVs. Most of the smart thermostat brands now have these within their ecosystem, this includes Tado.

I have previously reviewed the excellent Genius Hub and also regularly recommend the Tado system for most consumers.

Using a smart thermostat and TRVs in conjunction allows you to heat individual rooms based on your schedule. So for me, working from home, I warm my office during the day but leave all the rooms downstairs off, then switch off my office and warm the living area in the evening.

With so many of us now working from home, this idea of zoned heating could potentially save you a significant amount of money.

So what are the best options for zoned heating? Do you have to invest in an expensive smart thermostat and valves to be able to achieve this?

I started this post expecting to find some low-cost options that may be different from the well-known brand names. I was mostly wrong.

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Smart Radiator Valves / TRVs

Things are much easier if you have a complete system under one brand. When I set my office to warm using Genius Hub, it controls both the valves and boiler.

However, if like me, you have a fixed schedule, you don't have to replace your entire system with a smart system. You could just get programmable TRVs and have them come on based on your schedule. This would likely be considerably cheaper upfront than a smart heating system but with similar energy savings (just less convenient).

Most of the big brand smart heating companies can work this way too, Tado and Genius up valves are still usable even if you don't have the smart control over your boiler. You just need to synchronise your boiler schedule with your valves manually. This is worth noting with Black Friday coming up, you can normally get a Tado valve set quite affordable.

During my research, the biggest issue I had was finding affordable options without having to buy an expensive hub. Some brands won't sell the hub by themselves, instead of making you buy the boiler control too.

Tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ [Probably the best overall option]

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ (Universal...
  • Full control over your heating with the tado° app...
  • Heating Boost: heat up all rooms for 30 minutes...
  • Smart Schedules for the perfect temperature...
  • If no one is home or an open window has been...
  • Starter kit, including hub, is £110 RRP reduced to £80 at the time of writing
  • Subsequent radiator valves are £68 RRP or £50 at the current reduced price
  • 3 pack of TRVs for £120

Tado appears to be the most cost-effective solution if you want to have smart TRVs with the option to upgrade to a more advanced smart heating system in the future.

Honeywell Home Rondostat HR20 [Not actually that smart]

Honeywell Home Rondostat HR20-Style programmable Radiator...
  • Entry-level model in the Honeywell Home radiator...
  • The functions on the economical, programmable...
  • Achieve savings on heating bills of up to 30%...
  • Fits all standard M30 x 1.5 Honeywell Home,...

Because this post is geared toward saving people money, I should point out that you can buy programmable thermostats without fancy app control. You have to do things the old fashioned way and program it on the device. You have 7 day control, but it only has 4 switching times per day, which I think means on/off/on/off, so you only have 2 heating periods per day. This is worth considering for rooms you don't use that much and just want to keep warm intermitantly.

Eve Thermo Smart Radiator Valve [No hub required]

Eve Thermo - Smart Radiator Valve with LED Display,...
  • Use schedules to heat individual rooms or your...
  • Fine-tune your comfort level via the app (iPhone,...
  • Control your heating on the go or based on...
  • Automate your heating with Open Window Detection,...
  • No hub
  • Radiator Valves are £45 / £65

The Eve Thermo TRV is not cheap, but it works independently with Bluetooth control and it is about the only well review option you can find that works independantly. They have an older version for just £45, which might be worth considering. Eve works with Homekit and will support Thread in the future.

The main downside is that they don't have a smart boiler controller if you want to expand into a full system down the line.

Hive Hub & Radiator Valve

  • Hub: £69.99
  • Hub 360: £99.99
  • Valves: £55 – 5 pack for £199, £40 per valve
  • Hub + 5 pack is £239

If you want TRVs for quite a lot of radiators in one go, then Hive has a cost-efficient solution.

The 5 pack on their site is £199 or £40 per valve, if you need the hub too, they charge just £40, which is £30 cheaper than buying it by itself from Amazon. Similar to Tado, you can then get a smart thermostat at a later date.

Weirdly, Hive no longer appears to promote their Hub 360 on the Hive site. This provided some additional home security features.

Genius Hub + Radiator Valve

  • Hub: £130
  • Valves: 60

Not quite as cost-efficient as Tado, but maybe worth keeping an eye out for sales. You will need a hub which is £130 then the valves are £60. This can then be grown out to a full smart system that can be far more advanced than many other options.

Bosch Smart Home-  Radiator Thermostat & Controller

  • Starter Kit : £250 includes 2 valves and door/window sensor  – has been as low as £160
  • Hub by itself is £125
  • Radiator Valves: £55 (has been as low as £41.50

I hadn't realised this system existed, but it is well-reviewed. It seems to be popular in the German market. As usual, you need a hub which is £125, or they do a Room Climate Starter Kit for £250

Lightwave + Honeywell Home Wireless Radiator Valve

  • Lightwave Link Plus controller: £125
  • Valves: £55

The Honeywell EvoHome hubs are very expensive, with a hub and 2 pack TRV costing £300, but you can save quite a lot of money by using Lightwave. The Lightwave Link Plus controller is £125, and they then sell the Honeywell valves for £55. Lightwave is unique on this list as they also do smart lighting and power.

AVM FRITZ!DECT 301 Thermostat Head

Another one I didn’t realise existed. This is a little different because the hub is actually a router. So if you already have a FRITZ!Box then these are worth considering. Amazon UK pricing isn't favourable, but you can buy these from for €51.56 delivered which works out as £44, undercutting all the above options.

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