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I originally wrote this guide back in November 2021 when energy prices started to soar. Over two years later, things I have not improved much and the cost of living continues to have an impact on most people.

With the current cold snap and my recent review of the AENO Seasonal Premium Eco panel heater, I thought it would be a good time to update this post with new and relevant recommendations.

If you have gas heating I have covered smart thermostats before. Companies such as Genius Hub and Tado both have smart thermostatic radiator valves which allow you to warm up different parts of your home at different times, saving quite a lot on energy bills.

I have previously reviewed the excellent but expensive Haverland SmartWave smart electric radiator, which is an excellent option if you want whole home control of your electric heaters.

To preface my recommendations, a lot of these heaters will be more expensive than their non-smart counterparts, so there is no guarantee they will save you money overall. However, setting up schedules for them to go on and off only when needed should, in theory, save you money in the long run.

Panel / Convection Heaters

Aeno Premium Eco Smart LED Heater

AENO Seasonal Premium Eco Smart Panel LED Heater Assembled by Mighty Gadget
  • Output – 760Kw
  • Approximate Price: £259
  • Freestanding & wall-mountable
  • Glass Panel heater

I recently reviewed the Aeno Premium Eco, and it is superb, but it does have a high upfront cost. This claims to do infrared heating, which will provide a direct transfer of heat from the heater to the object without heating the air in between. Infrared heating is supposed to be much more efficient than convection, and this appears to be reflected in the much lower power usage of this heater.

I was a big fan of this heater as it is possible to set it up within the Smart Living app and then integrate it with third-party ecosystems such as Home Assistant, allowing you to integrate it with all the other devices within your smart home.

Wärme ‎WH-20P Electric Wall Heater

  • Output – 2Kw
  • Approximate Price: £80
  • Wall-mountable
  • Panel heater

I previously recommended the more expensive Wärme ‎WH-24P, but they are no longer available.

The Wärme ‎WH-20P has the same power output but costs much less, however it is only wall moutnable.

Devola DVPW2000B Glass Panel Heater

  • Output – 2Kw, 1.5Kw and 1Kw
  • Approximate Price: £125 / £115 / £105
  • Freestanding & wall-mountable
  • Panel heater

The Devola smart electric heaters come in a close second for reviews. You have different size options, so you can get something to suit your needs and budget.

This heater can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Looking at the product description and Amazon reviews, this will also work with the Smart Life app allowing you to easily integrate it into a larger smart home system.

Devola Eco WiFi

  • Output – 2.4kw, 2Kw, 1.5Kw and 1Kw
  • Approximate Price: £132 / £120 / £105 / £90
  • Freestanding & wall-mountable
  • Panel heater

It is not as attractive as the glass panel heater, but it is cheaper and has higher power-rated options. The product specification also indicates this has open window detection, which will help save you more money.

Byecold 900W Far Infrared Heater

byecold 900W Far Infrared Heater with WiFi Built-in... byecold 900W Far Infrared Heater with WiFi Built-in... No ratings yet £179.99
  • Output – 580W / 700W / 900W
  • Approximate Price: £145/ £160/ £180
  • Wall-mountable
  • Infrared Panel heater

It is cheaper than the Aeno, and this includes a remote control, but it is only available in white.

TCP Smart Glass Panel Heater 

TCP Smart Glass Panel Heater 2000w Black, SMARADGBL2000UK TCP Smart Glass Panel Heater 2000w Black, SMARADGBL2000UK No ratings yet £125.00Amazon Prime
  • Output – 2000W
  • Approximate Price: £112
  • Freestanding & wall-mountable
  • Panel heater

TCP are a more established brand than some of the others on this list. This works via TCP Smart App with voice control with Alexa and Google Home. It also appears that TCP is another Tuya/Smart Life-compatible product, so it should be possible get it working with Home Assistant.

Mill Heat 99450 Portable Convection Heater

Mill Heat 99450 1200W WIFI App Controlled Portable... Mill Heat 99450 1200W WIFI App Controlled Portable... No ratings yet £119.99
  • Output – 1.2Kw
  • Approximate Price: £120
  • Freestanding
  • Panel / Convection heater

This heater was on my original recommendation list, but since then, several reviews have come in stating various issues with the WiFi and poor support. I am leaving it on the list as it is still an option, but I’d recommend selecting one of the other choices.

Oil Filled Radiators

MYLEK Oil Filled Radiator Portable Heater

  • Output – 2.5Kw
  • Approximate Price: £120
  • Freestanding
  • Oil filled
  • White

This is the only oil-filled option I could find with some decent reviews. Quite ugly compared to the panel options, but these tend to be a good option as temporary solutions that you may move around the home. Oil radiators are often regarded as being more efficient than panel heaters, they take longer to warm up but slower to cool down.

This is another Tuya/Smart Life-compatible product.

TCP Smart Wi-Fi Radiator

  • Output – 0.5Kw / 0.75Kw / 1Kw / 1.5Kw
  • Approximate Price: £245/ £280/ £344/ £457
  • Wall mounted
  • Oil filled radiator

This was on my original list and had no reviews at the time, but it now has quite a few poor reviews. Issues inbclude it being a nightmare to set up and the Amazon EU models not working with the UK Alexa skill.

Being oil-filled they work in a similar manner, they take a while to heat up but are also slow to cool down and they work well when used for longer periods vs the short blast you may have from a panel heater.

Fan Heaters

NEDIS WiFi Smart Fan Heater

NEDIS WiFi Smart Fan Heater - Compact - Thermostat -... NEDIS WiFi Smart Fan Heater - Compact - Thermostat -... No ratings yet £65.36Amazon Prime
  • Output – 1.8Kw
  • Appoximate Price: £22
  • Fan heater

Fan heaters are good for getting a quick blast of heat on, particularly cold days. The oscillating heater switches to 1800 W to quickly heat up the room and it drops the power to 900 W when it approaches the target temperature.

[Original Post 9th of November 2021)

[Updated on 16th January 2024]

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