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Smart Meters in 2017

Smart home technology was one of the biggest attractions at CES 2017 and whilst the products on offer might not have felt revolutionary, new iterations and incarnations of smart AI such as Alexa being integrated in Amazon Echo mean smart home technology is maturing. Whilst we aren’t all yet running out to the store to buy smart home assistants, smart hair bushes or other gadgets, one piece of smart technology we are installing in growing numbers is the home smart energy meter. Smart meters were one of the hottest topics in the energy industry. Whilst official statistics are hard...

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What the iPad air 3 leaked schematics tells us

Engadget has been able to acquire leaked iPad air 3 schematics from a “reliable” source which is quite revealing. In the past Apple has struggled to keep a lid on their upcoming device releases. Apple likes to keep hush on upcoming releases, in fact most of the shop floor staff are only made aware of releases at the same time as the general public. This hasn’t stopped someone in the supply chain from leaking schematics every year. On occasions entire prototypes (without OS) have been leaked, the iPad Pro had its genuine Apple case leaked. iPad Air 3 hasn’t...

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Top 5 Films to Watch in Your Home Cinema

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a huge, mega-budget special effects movie on the big screen, but once they are out of cinemas, how can you ever hope to get that intense sensory experience back again? Watching a film on the TV can be a great way to relax, but when it comes to enormous battles, super heroes flying all over the place and explosions in space, something can get a little lost when transported onto the small screen. Project Audio Visual can install single room home cinemas that will transform your living room into your very own private movie...

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