5 Hottest Smartphone Trends of 2019

We were spoiled for choice in 2018 with a train of sophisticated smartphones, with little to none differentiation from each other. The best smartphones in the previous year gained momentum with their stunning photography and refinements to their appeal. And this is setting the bar high for the smartphones getting launched this year. With budget … Read more

HTC Is Making a Blockchain Phone


Most people know of the blockchain as the ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions. With the help of gadget manufacturer HTC, the world may soon associate the blockchain with smartphones, too. The brand recently announced its intentions to make a blockchain-enabled phone. If successful, it could change how people use their phones and access the associated … Read more

Will Drone Be Delivering Your Food This Year? Changes In Store for 2018

Initially developed for solely military purposes we have seen the drone industry evolve at an ever-increasing rate, moving from professional equipment to mainstream consumerism and even children’s toys. An increasing number of industries have fed into this broadening drone market as they realise the potential drones have for positive contribution so that now considered commonplace … Read more

How to Use Apple Pay Cash

We know the latest and greatest feature to hit iOS 11 is Apple Pay Cash. This is Apple’s new way to send money amongst your friends. It’s Apple’s transition to becoming a bank in the long run. In order to use it in shops you need to have an iPhone 6 or later, and the Apple Watch … Read more