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In case you’re an avid gamer and you can easily afford spending large sum of money to get the best gaming mouse, you likely should. While, generally, the expertise you have in a game will be the greatest determining element of your success in that game, for ultra-focused gamers who are searching for every possible advantage, picking a quality gaming mouse can make a great difference among victory and defeat.

Nonetheless, not every person can manage the cost of a top of the line gaming mouse, thus if you need a new mouse and you want an alternative that won’t have a huge negative effect on your gaming, at that point one of the budget gaming mice beneath should work for you. Again, these aren’t perfect alternatives at all; particularly the choices under $20, yet some of them are nice enough to give you strong all-around performance.

In best gaming mice, you should look for a mouse that can perfectly create a balance between cost and performance compellingly. Try not to fall for the old myths that the best mouse is the most costly one on the rack.

To lessen your burden, we’ve gathered here the best gaming mouse for gamers on a budget that works exceptionally well when combined with the best gaming keyboard. Regardless of what sort of games you’re into, you’ll get the best gaming mouse for your necessities directly here on this list.

  1. Steel Series Rival 600

One of the best gaming mice in the budget that we have reviewed is Steel Series Rival 600. Despite being the cheapest gaming mouse, still, the Steel Series Sensei 310 takes things to a higher level. The low-cost level of this gaming mouse does not effect on its performance and keeps it on a similar dimension that you’d hope to pay for a new game, while its outstanding TrueMove 3 sensor makes it a standing tall amongst the best, high-performing and sensitive gaming mice available today. It offers 12,000 DPI level with Lift off distance detection, customizable weight options and its mechanical switches are able to provide a range of 60-million clicks. You can even get the SteelSeries Rival 600 if you need practically comparable performance, yet centered more on right-handed users. On the other hand, the Sensei 310’s is well enabled that you can use from both hands shape and low value makes it the ideal gaming mouse for anybody to grab.

2. Logitech G300s

Most MMO (massively multiplayer online game) gamers’ gain more advantage by having a mouse with increasingly programmable buttons on them that they can utilize to set up the macros. What’s more, the Logitech G300s and its nine programmable buttons are perfectly appropriate for MMO-style games. The Logitech G300s doesn’t accompany as high DPI settings as the Corsair Harpoon; however, it is a lightweight mouse that offers an ambidextrous design. Along these lines, in case you’re a left-handed PC gamer, this is an alternative that will function admirably well for you, too.

logitech gaming mice g300s

It additionally comes in about ~$10 less expensive than the Harpoon, so regardless of whether you are more into first-individual shooters or potentially MOBAs, the lower value that the G300s comes in at might improve it a possibility for your budget. At last, the low cost and the additional programmable buttons on the G300s help it emerge as one of the better choices in the sub-$30 price range.

4. Corsair Harpoon

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As a great elective alternative to our first best pick the SteelSeries Rival 110, we like Corsair’s Harpoon RGB mouse too. The mouse incorporates six programmable buttons, weighs only 85 grams and along with that, it has RGB lighting.

This is an optical mouse and can hit up to 6,000 DPI while not interrupting the DPI control. The Harpoon accompanies Omron switches that are evaluated for 20 million clicks. The Harpoon has a smaller and lightweight design, so it’ll work better for gamers who have small hands. Overall, in case you’re searching for an affordable RGB gaming mouse that is lightweight and will function admirably for most gamers, particularly those playing MOBAs, the Corsair Harpoon is a commendable alternative.

5. Razer Naga Trinity

razer naga trinity og image

In case you’re gearing up to act for either the Horde or the Alliance in Battle for Azeroth- the World of Warcraft, then, you’ would definitely need to look at the Razer Naga Trinity-gaming mice. Razer’s Naga mice have particularly been designed for MMO gamers, however, the manufacturing organization was not in favor to simply appeal for just one niche. With the Naga Trinity, you’ll get 3 effectively interchangeable side plates so you can easily change your mouse to fit them into the game you’re playing. Additionally, it comes with the crazy 16,000 DPI 5G Sensor and Razer Chroma RGB lighting, and you’ll top the DPS meters, and your gaming setup will look great while you do it. It has smooth motion tracking capacity and comfortable in the relaxed grip that is best suited for MMOs but will still give the perfect performance if you play shooters, MOBAs or any other active games.

Hope, these cheap gaming mice suits your games and your tight budget as well.

However, as we explained above, a budget-friendly gaming mouse doesn’t always an ideal option for hardcore gamers for competitive games. Though our top picks are decent enough options for most of the gamers and it can work very well as short-term solutions until you become able to afford a top-of-the-line gaming mouse

Make sure while finding the budget gaming mice, you do some research on own as well. Because, there’s a lot of complex technical terms that come with the best gaming mice, like higher DPI ratings & polling rates, comfortable shape, top-notch design and the most important is ergonomics and RGB lighting that you should consider, particularly if you are a hard-core gamer. The best gaming mouse with budget, which has features like favorable ergonomics and high accuracy will definitely let you play motion games in a better way and will enhance your game playing skills.

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