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I reviewed the Airrobo T10+ two years ago and thought it was superb. At the time, it was the most affordable robot vacuum with an auto-empty station, and I have continued to use it as my main robot vacuum for the past couple of years.

Airrobo has now launched its successor, the T20+ which is an minor upgrade from the previous model and is still one of the most affordable option on the market.

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Airrobo T20+ vs T10+ Specification

Airrobo T20+Airrobo T10+
Sizevacuum cleaner: Ø350*95mm
Charging base:210*258*356mm
352 mm*98 mm* 348 mm
Weight4.0kg(charging base)+3.5kg(robot vac)7.75kg total
Adapter specification19V
Operating voltage / power
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
Battery capacity3200mAh, 186505200 mAh
Clearning Area200㎡
Dust cup capacity2-in-1 dustbin
350 mL water capacity
350 mL dust capacity
250 ml water
300 ml Dusbin
Dust bin capacity3.3L3.3L
Day to empty60 days45 days
62 dB
Filter Type2-layer washable HEPA filterWashable 3-layer H11 HEPA Filter
SuctionMAX: 2800Pa
QUIET: 1100Pa

2700 Pa
USLAM Air 5.0
USLAM Air 5.0
Obstacle / climbing ability20 mm (vertical obstacle crossing), ≤ 15 ° steady climbing20 mm (vertical obstacle crossing), ≤ 15 ° steady climbing
FilterHEPA double screen washable
MotorNidec brushless motorNidec brushless motor
Remote control range6 meters6 meters
Charging time4 Hours6 hour(s)
Working hoursHard-Surface Floor: Max-76mins Powerful-90mins
Standard-150mins Quiet-190mins
Carton size400*420*440mm393*408*430mm
Carton weight11.1kg10.9kg
Applicable groundCeramic tile, marble, wood floor, Hard Floor, Low Pile CarpetCeramic tile, marble, wood floor, Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpet
What’s in?Robot Vacuum*1
Automatic Dirt Disposal*1
2-in-1 Dustin*1
Disposable dust bag*3
Side Brush*2
HEPA Filter*2
mop stand mop*1
Main Brush*1
Charging Cable*1
Remote Controller*1
User Manual*1
Warrenty card*1
Robot Vacuum*1
Automatic Dirt Disposal*1
2-in-1 Dustin*1
Disposable dust bag*3
Side Brush*2
HEPA Filter*2
mop stand mop*1
Main Brush*1
Charging Cable*1
Remote Controller*1
User Manual*1
Warrenty card*1

The main difference that Airrobo has stated is that the T20+ is capable of cleaning a larger room of around 200㎡ and it can go up to 60 days without manually cleaning the machine.

Based on the specs, I’m unsure how these claims are possible. The T20+ has a smaller battery and the same dustbin capacity on the station. The only difference is a larger dust capacity on the vacuum itself. The water capacity has always been significantly increased.

Airrobo also states this now has an updated design with a floating brush to better clean edges and corners.


AIRROBO T20 Design

The Airrobo design remains essentially the same as the previous model. There are some slight aesthetic differences with the robot now being a matt black rather than shiny and the base station looks slightly different.

The main difference with the design is the dust bin on the vacuum itself is a different design. It looks like it should be smaller as it looks like part of the dustbin has been cut out, but both the water reservoir and dustbin have increased in capacity.  

AIRROBO T20 unboxing self empty station

Some minor criticisms:

  1. There is no base plate for the empty station. I found that the plate on the Proscenic M9 helped keep the station in place on our hardwood floor. whereas the T20+ can sometimes get nudged out of place, leading to the robot not docking properly.
  2. This is true for most vacuums, but the T10+ brush easily got clogged with my partner’s hair to the point where the rubber fins were damaged. Some vacuums, such as the Legee D8, have a better design that gets tangled less.
  3. The mop is very basic, which is to be expected for an affordable robot vacuum. The Proscenic M9 has rotating mop heads, and the Hobot Legee D8 can automatically raise its mop and identify hard and carpeted floors.
AIRROBO T20 Unboxing dustbin

Considering the price, all the above criticisms should be expected on a robot vacuum at this price point. The Hobot Legee D8 costs double the price, and it doesn’t have an auto-empty station with it.


When I reviewed the T10+, it used the Tuya App, but with the T20+ I used the official Airrobo app. You should also be able to use Tuya if you have already used it with other devices.

The setup is the same as most robot vacuums; with this, you press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to reboot, click add, and the app should automatically recognise the robot and then provide your SSID credentials.

The app has plenty of options for you to customise the cleaning. The schedule is the main thing, and you can set the frequency, cleaning settings and which areas to clean.

The robot will auto-detect areas, but you can then customise them and set up no-go or no-mop zones.

The overall app functionality is basically the same as the T10+.


The T20+ uses LiDAR for mapping and navigation combined with Airrobo’s new USLAM Air 5.0 algorithm. In my testing, the mapping worked well with the vacuum, creating an accurate map on the first run without getting stuck.

The robot will intelligently create rooms which you can then name. Larger, irregularly shaped rooms sometimes get classed as two rooms, but you can easily merge these in the app if desired.

You can set up no-go zones and no-mopping zones, which work well. The cliff detection sensors have also prevented it from falling down steps in my home.

Overall, I found the mapping to be excellent, and I would say it performs about the same as other LiDAR-based robot vacuums.

Vacuuming Performance

The T20+ has a maximum suction power of 2600Pa, which is on the higher end for robot vacuums I have reviewed. It will automatically increase suction when it detects carpet.

In my testing, the general cleaning performance has been very good. The robot can cover my home on one charge, so I set it to max suction for the scheduled daily cleaning.

I tested it by cleaning up random debris I placed on the floor, such as flour, salt, and rice, and it handled all three well.

Like all robot vacuums, I find they are best at keeping on top of the daily dirt, then use a more powerful vacuum for deeper cleaning. Corded upright vacuums may have fallen out of fashion, but they are still the best option for a thorough cleaning.

The new floating main brush does a good job conforming to the floor and getting into edges and corners. However, just like the T10+, the brush can still get tangled with long hair, sometimes damaging the rubber fins.

Mopping Performance

Just like the T10+ and many other competing options, this can also mop your floor. Its water tank can hold 350ml of water, and the robot can control when it is on. This, therefore, allows you to set up no-mop zones.

In my house, the kitchen has a hard floor, but the living areas are carpeted, so the no-mopping zones are essential for me.

The mopping performance is OK. At the end of the day, it is just gently wiping a wet cloth across the floor. It will get light marks off the floor and help keep on top of things.

I’d say the Proscenic M9 is better at mopping, but I did find that its rotating brush would catch on carpets, so I ended up removing them. The Hobot Legee D8 has a superior design that can raise and lower its mope automatically based on the floor it identifies.

From my experience, mopping is not great on most robot vacuums; I think you’d need to invest in one of the premium options, such as the Eufy Ombi S1 Pro or SwitchBot S10, if you want good mopping performance. 


The T20+ features a self-emptying station with a 3.4L dust bag, which claims to hold up to 60 days of debris. This hands-free operation is a significant advantage for users, reducing the frequency of manual intervention. The system works efficiently, leaving no debris behind after emptying.

The T10+ also has a self-emptying station. The physical capacity is the same, but Airrobo states it can only store debris for 45 days.  

I have used the T20+ for two weeks so far, and the dust bag has plenty of capacity left. I’d say the 60-day capacity is believable, depending on how large your home is and how much debris it picks up. I don’t have children or pets so I would guess our home gets less debris than average.


The Airrobo T20+ technically has a smaller batter than the T10+ based on the specs I could find from third parties (which may be inaccurate).

The standard run time is supposed to be 150 minutes on standard with up to 200m2 cleaning area.

For my home, I have the schedule set to use strong suction, and it has had no problems covering all my downstairs rooms. The cleaning record indicates just 54m2, and I have a decent-sized home (for the UK). So, I would expect that it can easily handle larger homes.

The T10+ is listed as having a larger battery, but from my experience, there is not much benefit. Homes in the US are larger, but even then, I’d be surprised if the T20+ struggles to complete a clean.

Price and Alternative Options

At the time of writing, the Airrobo T20+ was not available to buy in the UK.

On Amazon US, it is listed at an RRP of $599.99, but in the 100 days Keepa has tracked it, it has been listed at $499.99 or less. At the time of writing, it was listed at just $299.99, and this appears to be a regular discounted price, which is an absolute bargain.

Looking at Amazon US for competing with options empty stations, you have:

  • Lubluelu Robot Vacuum for $229.99
  • Laresar Robot Vacuum and Mop for $299.99
  • Shark RV2502AE AI Ultra Robot Vacuum for $299.99 (price jumps up and down a lot)
  • Ultenic T10 Elite Robot Vacuum for $399.99
  • Shark AV2501S AI Ultra Robot Vacuum for $442.15
  • Eufy G30+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum for $379.99

In the UK, the Airrobo T10+ is still available from Amazon but is priced at £399.95 and it looks like it was regularly discounted to £320.

In comparison, you have:

  • Ultenic T10 Elite Robot for £281.99
  • eufy L60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for £299.99
  • Tapo Robot Vacuum Cleaner for £339.99
  • Proscenic M9 Robot Vacuum for £375
  • Eufy RoboVac G30+ for £399.00
  • Roborock Q8 Max+ Robot Vacuum for £399.00


As far as I can tell, the Airrobo T20+ is an incremental upgrade from the T10+. The main benefit for me is the increased storage capacity for both water and dust on the robot itself.

Just like its predecessor, the main selling point of the Airrobo T20+ is its affordable price. At $300, it is a bargain and undercuts the vast majority of Amazon US options. I remain cautiously optimistic for the UK price, I think it needs to be £300 for it to really stand out from the competition.

Overall, the Airrobo T20+ is an excellent robot vacuum cleaner. I will most likely continue using it as my main vacuum, replacing my T10+, and I can happily recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable robot vacuum with a self-empty station.

AIRROBO T20+ 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self Emptying Station Review


Overall, the Airrobo T20+ is an excellent robot vacuum cleaner. I will most likely continue using it as my main vacuum, replacing my T10+, and I can happily recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable robot vacuum with a self-empty station.

  • Overall - 90%

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