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I have been a big fan of robot vacuums for several years now and have loved seeing the technology evolve. Originally, I had a Eufy robot vacuum that would bounce around our kitchen, randomly cleaning up my mess. Nowadays, I am all about robot vacuums with Lidar or Vslam mapping and auto-emptying stations.

The Hobot Legee D8 is one of the latest models to launch in the UK. It is a powerful and versatile robot vacuum and mop that offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home, including mapping, mopping, and vacuuming, as well as a unique trash compactor-style dustbin to maximise the amount of debris it can collect.

While it doesn’t come with a self-empty base station for the vacuum, there is the option to buy the Hobot Legee Lulu, which is a charging and cleaning station, allowing it to empty the dirty water, refill it with clean water and then clean and dry the mop.

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Hobot Legee D8 Robot Vacuum Design 5

The Legee D8 boasts an impressive array of specifications, including a D-shape design for better corner and edge cleaning, a powerful 5000 pa vacuum, and a Nidec 22N-1 brushless DC motor. It also features a large 4900 mAh Li-ion battery, a 500 ml trash bin capacity, and a 320 ml water tank capacity.

One of the standout features of the Legee D8 is its HSSPL Reciprocate Mopping system, which can mop at a maximum of 1300 times per minute with an 8mm stroke and 800g of mopping force. This ensures superior cleaning performance on all surfaces.

The robot also comes equipped with a 7mm auto-lift mop that seamlessly transitions between hard floors and carpets, as well as Tangless Technology that provides 82% more effective hair and lint pickup, preventing tangles in the brushroll.

Shape D-shape
Dimensions (L × W × H) 344 × 343 × 97.5 mm
Software Legee SLAM Navigation
Cleaning Method Tangless 4-in-1 Cleaning
Hair Cleaning Tangless™ Suction
Trash Compressing RateECO Compactor™- 5X Compression
Reciprocate Mopping Max. 1300 times/min. 8mm Stroke
Mopping Force 800 g
Smart Lift Mop 7 mm
Auto Recognition Mopping Yes
Deep-Cleaning Brush roll Yes
Side Brush 4 cm, Titled
Vacuum 5000 pa
Vacuum Motor Nidec 22N-1 Brushless DC Motor
Battery Li-ion 4900 mAh
Smart Water Spray 4 Nozzles
Trash Bin Capacity 500 ml
600# Screen Filter Washable + Self-Clean Filter
High Efficiency Filter Washable + Self-Clean Filter
Water Tank Capacity 320 ml
Cleaning Cloth Size Rear Mop, 274 cm²
Object Detection Method Lidar + FDS (Fixed Distance Sensor) Array
Obstacle Crossing 20 mm
Cliff Sensor 2 Front + 2 Rear IR Sensors
Legee App iOS/Android
Connection 5GHz/2.4GHz/Hotspot + Auto Switch between 3 SSID
Account Login HOBOT Account (Facebook, Apple, Google)
Firmware Update (OTA) Yes
Voice Prompt Multilingual/Creative Voice
Voice Control Siri/OK Google
Talent Clean 8 Cleaning Modes Room Specific/Talent CleanTM
Appointed Area Cleaning Yes
Smart Recharge & Resume Yes
Intelligent Space & In-Depth Planning 5 Layers Map Memory, Auto Room Divider, Virtual Barrier/Virtualbox/Curtain Zone/Climbing Control
Map Real-Time Map/Full Map Positioning
Schedule Queue & Cleaning Diary Yes
Do Not Disturb Mode & Child Lock Yes
Input Voltage100~240V, 50~60 Hz
Adapter Output19V/1.05A, 19.95 W

Hobot Legee Lulu Charging and Cleaning Station

Hobot also offers the Legee Lulu charging and cleaning station. This station fills up, powers, cleans and dries the D8, so that users don’t have to worry about cleaning the robot at all. Fast dual rollers remove dirt effectively to clean the mop thoroughly, and hot air flows directly through a specially designed wind tunnel to dry the wet cloth evenly and quickly. The station has an instant drain system, which helps consumers avoid dirty residue and manual upkeep.

This charging and cleaning station features:

  • CNC ContourWash Technology: Enjoy accurate, comprehensive, and neat mop cleaning with dual small silicon roller brushes that make sure every edge is spotlessly clean.
  • Dual Roller Brushes & Motors: Achieve a thorough clean with the inward rolling brushes that effectively remove dirt and ensure complete mop hygiene.
  • InstantDrain System: No more messy maintenance with an innovative dirty water system that manages and disposes of waste water easily.
  • Auto-Refill & Battery Recharge: Keep your Hobot Legee D8 always ready for action with automatic water refilling and battery recharging.
  • Quick Dry Feature: Benefit from a fast, energy-saving drying process, using a 40℃ direct blow for even and quick drying.
  • Large Water Tanks: It has a 3.2L clean water tank and a 2.8L waste water tank, meeting extensive cleaning needs without frequent refills.

Hobot Legee Lulu Specification

Model NoLegee LuLu Washing Station
Key FeatureWash/Dry/Refill/Recharge 4-in-1
Roller BrushDual TPU Roller Brushes
Roller Brush Length5.5cm
Washing MethodCNC Contour Wash™ + Inward Brushing = No Overspill
Roller Brush Spin Rate600 times/min.
Waste Water CollectionInstantDrain: No. Messy Sediment
Dryer Temperature40°C
Dryer Power Consumption25W
Water Tank CapacityClean Water 3.2L
Waste Water 2.8L
Dimensions ( L x W x H )w/o Ramp 410 x 280 x 390 mm
w/ Ramp 410 x 486 x 390 mm
Input Voltage100-240 VCA, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption20V/3A,60W


Hobot Legee D8 Robot Vacuum Design

The Hobot Legee D8 features a sleek and modern D-shape design that allows it to effectively clean corners and edges. Its dimensions are 344 x 343 x 97.5 mm, making it compact enough to navigate under furniture and in tight spaces.

Hobot Legee D8 Robot Vacuum Design 2 1

The robot has a high-quality build with durable materials. The top of the unit houses the LiDAR sensor for navigation, as well as the dustbin and water tank access. The front bumper contains the FDS (Fixed Distance Sensor) array for obstacle detection.

On the underside of the Legee D8, you’ll find the main brush roll, side brush, driving wheels, and mopping module. The mopping module can be easily attached or detached as needed.

Legee App

The Legee App offers a wide range of settings and features to customise your cleaning experience. From the main screen, you can start, pause, or stop a cleaning session, as well as view the robot’s current status and battery level.

In the settings menu, you can adjust various preferences, such as suction power, water flow, mopping intensity, and voice volume. You can also set up cleaning schedules, define no-go zones or virtual barriers, and view cleaning history and logs.

The app also allows you to control the Legee D8 remotely, so you can start or stop a cleaning session even when you’re away from home. Additionally, you can use voice commands through Siri or Google Assistant to control the robot hands-free.


One of the key features of the Hobot Legee D8 is its advanced mapping and navigation capabilities. Using Legee SLAM Navigation, the robot creates a precise map of your home as it cleans, which you can view in real-time on the app.

The Legee D8 can store up to 5 layers of map memory, allowing it to navigate efficiently across multiple floors. It also features an auto room divider function that automatically recognises and labels different rooms on the map.

You can use the app to set virtual barriers, no-go zones, or cleaning sequences for specific rooms or areas. The robot also supports selective room cleaning, so you can choose which rooms to clean and in what order.

The Legee D8’s intelligent navigation system ensures thorough coverage of your home while avoiding obstacles and minimising cleaning time. The robot can also automatically return to the charging dock when the battery is low and resume cleaning from where it left off once recharged.

Mopping Performance

I initially had some frustration with the mopping as many competing products allow you to define no mop zones, which provides some reassurance that the robot would not try to mop my carpets.

However, that is not necessary with the Legee. The 7mm auto-lift mop allows the Legee D8 to seamlessly transition between hard floors and carpets without getting the carpet wet. When the robot detects a carpet, it automatically lifts the mopping module to avoid dampening the carpet fibres.

The Legee then excels in mopping performance thanks to its HSSPL Reciprocate Mopping system. With a maximum mopping frequency of 1300 times per minute, an 8mm stroke, and 800g of mopping force, the robot effectively removes dirt and stains from various floor types.

The Legee D8 also features a smart water spray with 4 nozzles that evenly distribute water on the cleaning cloth for optimal mopping performance. You can adjust the water flow level in the app settings to suit your preferences and floor types.

During my time with the Legee D8, it did an excellent job of keeping our kitchen floor clean from the grime and sickness that builds up on hard floors in the kitchen. Furthermore, it appears to have done a good job at raising the mop as it moves into my hallway, which is carpeted. I keep randomly checking for damp spots, and so far, so good.

Vacuum Performance

In addition to its impressive mopping capabilities, the Hobot Legee D8 is also a powerful vacuum cleaner. With a 5000 pa suction force and a Nidec 22N-1 brushless DC motor, the robot can effectively pick up dust, debris, and pet hair from carpets and hard floors.

The Legee D8 features a deep-cleaning brush roll that agitates and lifts dirt from carpet fibres for a thorough clean. It also has a 4cm tilted side brush that helps sweep debris from edges and corners into the path of the main brush roll.

One of the standout features of the Legee D8 is its Tangless Technology, which provides 82% more effective hair and lint pickup compared to traditional brush rolls. This means less tangling and easier maintenance for pet owners or those with long hair. I have had good experiences with the anti-tange brushes companies like Hoover use on their vacuums, but I have never had much luck with robot vacuums. My partner sheds so much hair the roller on my old Airrobo T10+ is all but destroyed.

During our vacuum tests, the Legee D8 performed well on both carpets and hard floors. It was able to pick up fine dust, pet hair, and larger debris like cereal and rice with ease. Subjectively, I have found that the robot’s powerful suction and efficient brush roll design are particularly good on carpets and outclass many other more affordable robot vacuums.

Dustbin Capacity

As previously mentioned, this robot vacuum does not come with an auto-emptying base station, and the Lulu accessory is designed to empty, fill and clean the mop, not the dustbin.

However, the Hobot counters this with a larger dustbin capacity than normal at 500ml, whereas most competing options are in the 400ml to 450ml range.  The Hobot then improves this capacity with what they call an ECO Compactor that compresses the collected debris, allowing it to hold up to 5 times more dirt and dust compared to a non-compacting bin. This further extends the time between bin-emptying sessions.

The dustbin is easy to access and remove from the top of the robot. It also has a washable 600 screen filter and a high-efficiency filter to trap fine particles and allergens, ensuring clean air is released back into your home.

I’d still prefer a self-empty station, but I think this is an acceptable compromise. Having an empty station accessory that works with both the mop and dustbin would have increased the costs and required a physically large station to accommodate the waste from the dustbin and water reservoir.

Price and Alternative Options

The Hobot Legee D8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has an RRP of £669 and will be available in April 2024 from Solenco.uk

The Hobot Legee Lulu charging and cleaning station for the Legee D8 is then priced at £330, which will be available at the same time.

For the Legee D8 and Lulu together, you are looking at £1k, which places this at the high end of pricing.

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro with Auto-Clean Station costs £900. Eufy recently announced the Eufy X10 Pro Omni, which costs £ 800 and has a much more powerful 8000 Pa vacuum.

Then there is the new Eufy S1 Pro, which appears to have an absolutely gigantic base station that auto-empties, drains water, refuels water, and is used for washing and drying. It then has a 12mm auto mop lift. It is available on Kickstarter starting at $999, which is about £797, but that’s with 33% off.

There is the Roborock S7 Max Ultra Robot, which has auto mop washing, tank refilling, drying, and auto dust emptying. Its RRP is £1200, but it is currently available for around £840.

Ecovacs has the Debot T20E Omni with the same base station features as the Roborock and a surprisingly affordable price of £600.


I love the Hobot Legee D8 Robot Vacuum and Mop. It is a powerful and feature-packed cleaning device that offers excellent performance on both hard floors and carpets. Its advanced mopping system, tangless technology, and intelligent navigation set it apart from many other robot vacuums on the market.

When paired with the Hobot Legee Lulu charging and cleaning station, the Legee D8 becomes a truly hands-free cleaning solution that requires minimal maintenance from the user. The Lulu station’s automatic washing, drying, and refilling capabilities make it a convenient addition to the already impressive Legee D8.

The main issue I have is that the Legee D8 and Lulu stations come at a higher price point than a limited number of competitors with similar, if not better, specs. I strongly suspect Hobot will follow the trend of many tech brands and drop the RRP shortly after launch as part of a “sale”.  Even though it is a great robot vacuum, I think it needs to be around £800 to be more appealing than the alternative options.

You could argue that Hobot has the advantage of giving you the option to buy just the D8 to start and then upgrade with the Lulu later on. I’ve used the D8 just by itself, and I am still very happy with it.  

Overall, the Hobot Legee D8 is an excellent option for a premium robot vacuum with mopping, offering advanced cleaning technology, convenient features, and a sleek, modern design. If you’re looking for a high-end, all-in-one floor cleaning solution, the Legee D8 and Lulu station are definitely worth considering.

Hobot Legee D8 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review


The Hobot Legee D8 is an excellent option for a premium robot vacuum with mopping, offering advanced cleaning technology, convenient features, and a sleek, modern design. If you’re looking for a high-end, all-in-one floor cleaning solution, the Legee D8 and Lulu station are definitely worth considering.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Superb vacuum and mopping performacne
  • Trash compactor dustbin significantly increases the amount of debris it can hole before needing emptying
  • Optional Lulu for emptying waste water, refilling, cleaning and drying.


  • RRP is a bit too high in comparison to the competition

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