TerraMaster D6 320 external hard disk enclosure launched

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I have previously reviewed the TerraMaster TD2 Thunderbolt DAS and the D5-300C USB3.0 5-Bay RAID DAS and was impressed with both of them. They are ideal for content creators that need access to large amounts of storage with faster speeds than you’d see on a NAS. They also cost a lot less money than the equivalent NAS.

TerraMaster has now announced the D6-320. This is a 6-bay DAS that supports 6x22TB drives for up to 132TB of storage.

It then has the latest USB3.2 Gen2 port, which is capable of 10Gbps data transmission bandwidth, with the actual read/write speed up to 1,016MB/s when 6 hard drives are installed (WD Red 8TB x 6 simultaneously read/write); with only one hard disk installed, the read speed could reach 510MB/s (WD Red 1TB SSD x 1).

The D6-320 is compatible with various hard disks, such as 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch SATA hard disks, and 2.5-inch SATA SSD. It also supports hot swapping.

Unlike the D5-300C I previously reviewed, the D6-320 lacks any sort of built-in RAID functionality and only supports JBOD single-disk working mode. However, you can set up a software RAID through Windows, using either Storage Spaces or Disk Management. There are also various other RAID solutions, such as SnapRAID.

One interesting use of this DAS is to expand the storage of a TerraMaster NAS. You can connect via USB and then create storage pools on the  D6-320 with the NAS. This requires TOS 5.1 or above.

The TerraMaster D6-320 is available to buy now. It has an RRP of £299 but it has already been reduced on Amazon to £270.

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