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Following my recent reviews of the Lintelek, Letsfit and Fatmoon Fitness Trackers I decided to continue trying other brands out as I have had quite a bit of interest in them from readers.

As I have concluded previously, many of the fitness trackers on Amazon are identical, and they are just white label products that have then been slightly branded to the reseller.

Today I am reviewing the moreFit Slim HR Plus Waterproof Fitness Activity Tracker, however, based on some light research on Amazon it is exactly the same model as the AIEX Heart Rate Monitor, JoyGeek Fitness Tracker, and the RobotsDeal Activity Tracker.

It is also fundamentally the same as the Letsfit I reviewed, the main difference being that the Letsfit includes a spare strap but costs £4 more.

As with the previous models, I have tried the build quality is excellent and I particularly like the fact you can just pull the rubber straps off to expose the USB charging port. There is no messing around with proprietary charging cables as you find on Fitbit, and more importantly no chance to lose them. The rubber watch straps feel sturdy and have a firm hold on the watch, so I don’t think you will suffer from the same sort of build issues as you find in the Fitbit.

I did have one reader contacting me asking me how to charge their watch. As stated about you need to pull the straps off to expose the USB port, it then needs to be plugged into a USB socket. There is no USB plug provided but any will do, and if you have a smartphone you will surely have a USB plug.

Set up and usage instructions


Setup is very straightforward, once the device is charged, and you have downloaded the VeryFit App you then need to follow the set-up instructions via the app. My strap arrived charged, but I found that I had to plug it in to wake it up

When the app loads you will get three random screens than you need to press the right arrow to scroll through. The app will then scan for devices it can be possible connect with, it actually found 2 for me, my Suunto Spartan and the ID115Plus HR, and it is that you want to select. You then need to confirm bind device, and it should connect very quickly. The whole process took me a few seconds, and it is quite simple.

Once paired you will need to go through your profile set up which includes sex, height, weight and goals. Then finally you will be taken to the home screen where you can see your stats.

While on your wrist you can operate it using the small oval touch screen button at the bottom of the screen. A single tap wakes the tracker up; then subsequent taps navigate the menus, you can start things like activities by navigating to walk then a long press under that option.


As with both the Letsfit and Lintelek performance is excellent for a fitness tracker so cheap and I was very happy with it. During my use, I noticed no major performance differences between this and the much more expensive Fitbit Charge HR.


I love all these cheap fitness trackers; it is a great additional tool for people getting into fitness. I know that the fitness tracker industry gets criticism for not being useful or promoting people to increase their activity. However, I think this is user dependent, if you are willing to commit to a lifestyle change I find these devices are good at promoting you to walk more. Both me, my partner and several other people I know will deliberately go for a walk later in the day just because our steps aren’t high enough. Even on days when I cycle for an hour plus and get no steps towards my day, I will still then walk even though I know logically I have done more than enough exercise for the day.

At around £25 these trackers are excellent for people that might not be 100% committed, if you don’t end up using it, it’s not the end of the world, but if you do then you will quickly get your monies worth.

As to which tracker you chose, I would just go with whatever is either the cheapest or best reviewed on Amazon.

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AIEX / moreFit / RobotsDeal Fitness Activity Tracker

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