Top 5 Free Anti-Malware Software

Viruses are not the only threat these days, but other serious malware threats like ransomware, adware, scareware, scamware, personal data theft are on higher side.  Antimalware software helps to protect from all these threats. And if you have already infected then these tools are useful to get rid of malware infection. Best Anti-Malware Software for … Read more

Philips Launch new 805/855 OLED TVs for 2020 with 4th Gen P5 with AI Functionality & HDR10+ Plus Dolby Vision

Yesterday, Philips launched its latest OLED TVs at its annual European showcase in Amsterdam. The new sets are available in 55 and 65-inches and will feature a fourth generation of the company’s P5 picture processor. One of the highlights of the TVs is that they are compatible with both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. With Dolby … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 vs 636 vs 665 vs 450 vs Samsung Exynos 9609 – The SD460 is a beefed-up SD636 sitting just below the SD665

Yesterday Qualcomm finally padded out the rest of its chipset line-up for mobile phones for 2020. We had all the exciting releases in December with the flagship Snapdragon 865 and the new mid-range 5G Snapdragon 765. So the latest announcement is less exciting but equally as important as the new chips will feature on phones … Read more

Garmin tactix Delta vs Fenix 6 – The Fenix goes tactical for $899.99

The Garmin Tactix Charlie launched back in early 2018 and it is one of the last of the Garmin devices to be upgraded. The new Garmin Tactix Delta builds from the previous model while integrating all the features we love from the latest Garmin Fenix 6 and the Forerunner 945 before it. Related Content Garmin … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 vs 665 vs 710 vs 720G vs 730G Compared – Qualcomm launch SD662 & SD720G which look identical to the SD665 & SD730G

Today Qualcomm launched three new chipsets with a Snapdragon 460 catering for the entry-level market, while the Snapdragon 720G and  Snapdragon 662 will be for mid-range phones The Snapdragon 720G  promises to bring many of the Elite Gaming features of the Snapdragon 765G with support for HDR, dynamic colour range and high-quality synchronised sound with … Read more

Intel Core I9-10980HK Vs Core I9-9980HK vs AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Compared – New Geekbench listings show how the latest Intel & AMD laptop CPUs perform

At CES 2020, Intel announced that they will be introducing the new 10th Gen Comet Lake-H series line-up with options for the Core i9, Core i7 & Core i5 family. The new CPUs will run at  45W TDPs and would feature even higher clocks than before with the Core i7 options hitting 5.0 GHz+ clocks … Read more

VPN and Antivirus Software Programs: Why We Need Both

Much ink has been spilled about VPNs and antiviruses. Yet people still continue asking questions about the usefulness of these software programs, unsure whether they need to install them on their electronic devices. And not only do they still doubt the helpfulness of VPNs and antiviruses but they also feel confused between them. People still … Read more

Nvidia RTX 3080 & 3070 Specifications Leaked with 10GB & 20GB VRAM – RTX 3080 should sit midway vs RTX 2080 Ti & RTX 2080 Super

I am still reeling over the launch price of the original Nvidia RTX price, so it was surprising to remember that they were actually launched in Q3 2018. So there is a good chance we will see a new generation of Nvidia cards this year and a new leak claims to reveal some of the … Read more

The best floodlight home security cameras for 2020

I am a big fan of home surveillance cameras, I feel like they are one of the best burglar deterrents and with all the wireless options out there it has never been easier to have some surveillance around your home. While there are a vast number of choices out there one of the biggest problems … Read more

Annke I91BF 4K 8MP POE IP Security camera Review – An affordable 4K POE CCTV camera suitable for home users wanting improved performance over wireless CCTV

Annke is a popular, affordable IP CCTV brand that you can buy on Amazon. They generally sell their hardware as a system and you can pick up four of these cameras, an 8-channel NVR and 2TB hard drive for £489.99 on Amazon with an option for an additional £56 off. Alternatively, you can buy this … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S20 Specification Comparison – S20 vs 20+ vs S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S is normally the biggest phone launch of the year, as well as the best selling Android flagship phone of the year. It also sets the standard for all phones being launched for the rest of the year. So it is a bit of a big deal, and therefore there are leaks … Read more

Huawei Mobile Services gets mapping boost thanks to TomTom giving them competitive data to Google Maps

When the issues with the trade ban on Huawei started in May last year, just before the Honor 20 Pro launch, I never thought they would have lasted until 2020. Clearly I underestimated both President Trump and his bullying tactics and China’s stubbornness. So here we are in 2020, Huawei still has no access to … Read more