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Singles’ Day is a bit like Black Friday in China. It is an unofficial holiday and shopping season that traditionally celebrates people who are not in relationships. While it may not be very well known in the UK, it has become the largest shopping day in the world, eclipsing Black Friday by fourfold!

It is always a good opportunity to pick up some decent deals from many Chinese companies, especially within the consumer tech niche.

I have previously reviewed the WELOCK Smart Lock, which has a keypad and RFID tags. While I had some issues with it, I still personally use it because the pin-code lock is convenient for my particular usage. I can confirm it has been working well for me since March this year (2022).

During the Singles’ Day period, Welock has a promotion to get 25% off two different smart locks, and there is free shipping to the UK. This will male the locks available for 112 Euros after a discount.

The sale is live now and will end on the 12th of November.

You will need to use the coupon code WELOCK11 for any of the locks in the sale.

Buy a smart lock from Welock

WELOCK Fingerprint Smart Lock Electronic Door Lock

As the name suggests, this model has a fingerprint scanner for unlocking, and it also uses RFID tags and a mobile app.

WELOCK claim this will unlock the door in just 0.5 seconds.

With 3A batteries, you can lock/unlock your door up to 8000 times! With ten opening/closing operations per day, that means you can expect 1 year of runtime from each battery set.

With all the WELOCK locks, they have an adjustable cylinder which allows them to fit on doors that are 55 – 100mm thick.

WELOCK Electronic Smart Door Lock Cylinder

welock SOHO EU review 4

This is the keypad-based smart lock, which can also use the app and RFID tags. It is the same lock that I have on my garage/gym door.

This one has slightly different cylinder lengths of 70mm-110mm, but that is still enough to cover most doors.

With both locks, you can enable WiFi connectivity for remote control. For that, you will need the Welock Smart WiFi Gateway. This is 59 euros but is not part of the sale.

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