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Wahoo Fitness has just launched its latest training device for the indoor cycling market. With the introduction of two groundbreaking products—KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT—the company is setting new standards for indoor cycling experiences. Let’s delve into the details of these exciting new releases.

KICKR MOVE: The Next Evolution in Smart Trainers

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Last year, Wahoo’s KICKR smart trainer became the only one in the market to feature Wi-Fi connectivity. This year, the company has outdone itself with the launch of the KICKR MOVE. This premium addition to Wahoo’s product line offers an unparalleled real-world cycling feel, thanks to its innovative design.

A New Dimension in Ride-Feel

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The KICKR MOVE comes with 8 inches of fore-aft movement built into the trainer body. This dual-axis movement mimics the sensation of outdoor cycling, offering a more engaging, comfortable, and realistic indoor riding experience. In essence, the KICKR MOVE is designed to keep athletes motivated and comfortable during their indoor training sessions.

Smart Design Features

The trainer sits on wheels within a fixed, curved track. The trainer moves forward and backwards along the track as you adjust your power output or change your riding position. The curvature of the track allows gravity to control the amount of movement, making the experience incredibly intuitive. For those who prefer a stationary setup, the KICKR MOVE also features a lockout switch.

KICKR CLIMB Base Adaptor: Perfect Harmony with KICKR MOVE

To enhance the indoor cycling experience further, Wahoo has introduced a hardware add-on that makes the KICKR MOVE compatible with existing KICKR CLIMB models. When used in conjunction, the KICKR CLIMB Base Adaptor and the KICKR MOVE offer next-level realism, especially when paired with Wahoo’s KICKR HEADWIND.

KICKR BIKE SHIFT: The Smart Bike for Everyone


Alongside the KICKR MOVE, Wahoo is also launching the KICKR BIKE SHIFT. Aimed at offering a more affordable indoor smart bike, this new model retains key features like Reality Shift, True Fit, and Real Ride Feel, along with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Refined Features for an Unmatched Experience

The KICKR BIKE SHIFT introduces a new brake and belt drivetrain system, offering lightning-fast resistance response and an even quieter ride. This makes it a compelling alternative to Wahoo’s existing KICKR BIKE, offering consumers a “better and best” option.

Seamless Unboxing and Setup

Wahoo is also revolutionising the unboxing experience across its indoor training range. The KICKR MOVE box features an easy slide mechanism, eliminating the need to lift a heavy trainer out of the packaging. Sustainable packaging and QR code-guided setup videos further enhance the user experience.

Pricing and Availability

  • KICKR MOVE: US $1,599.99, Europe €1,599.99 and UK £1,399.99 – available from 12th September
  • KICKR BIKE SHIFT: US$2,999.99, Europe €2,999.99 and UK £2,699.99 – available to order from 12th September, delivery late September
  • KICKR CLIMB Base Adapter: US $49.99, Europe €49.99 and UK £44.99 – available to order from 12th September, delivery late September

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