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Motorola has been flagging in recent years with unremarkable phones. Their affordable options have been popular recommendations, but they have faced stiff competition with newer brands such as Realme and Xiaomi who offer more bang for your buck.

This year, Motorola appears to be trying to up their game, the two new Motorola Edge devices back into the upper end of the market, with the Edge+ following the new trend of £1+ phones, while the standard Edge offers a mid-range chipset but with a premium design and spec elsewhere.

The new Motorola Moto G 5G Plus could be their most promising announcement yet, a mid-range 5G phone sitting on the lower end of the pricing spectrum.

With a launch price from £229 the new Moto G 5G Plus is less than half the price of the Edge, though they have stripped the phone down enough not to cannibalise any sales.

While this is a well-specced phone and a great price, it is downright ugly when you compare it to the Motorola Edge with its plastic frame and thick bezels.

Once you get past those looks though, this looks like a great buy.

motorola moto g 5g plus press photo

It features a 6.7 inch IPS display running at 90Hz; then the SD765G chipset is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for the base model or 6GB and 128GB for the £349 model that is exclusive to Vodafone.

With the display being IPS they have opted to use a side mounter fingerprint scanner because no one wants to launch a phone with a rear-mounted one anymore.

The camera spec is decent for the price with a 48 MP wide lens, 8MP ultrawide then a 5MP macro and 2MP depth. You get a dual selfie with 16MP and 8MP ultra-wide.

You then get one of the largest batteries available for mid-range and flagship phones at a massive 5000mAh. The one downside here is the 20W charge, but with its size I doubt that will be a huge issue.

Currently, the most affordable Snapdragon 765G based phone is the OPPO Find X2 Lite 5G at £399, this has a very similar specification but lacks the high refresh rate screen, has more RAM (8GB/128GB), has a smaller battery but faster charging.

However, today it is expected that Realme will launch their Snapdragon 765G equipped none-Pro X50 today and knowing Realme there is a good chance this will be even cheaper. At least when compared to the 6GB/128GB model. The Realme also has the benefit of a 120Hz display, 65MP primary lens and a 12MP 2x optical zoom.

Then OnePlus is planning to launch their Nord 5G, we have no idea of pricing for this, but I would expect it will be highly competitive.

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