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While smartphones have become increasingly good at providing optical image stabilisation or even electronic, they will never offer the same performance as a dedicated handheld gimbal. Gimbals have also allowed people to up their game with videography without the need to invest in expensive equipment, and they are perfect for vloggers/YouTubers.

DJI has pretty much always dominated the market, but they are fending off increasingly competitive options from brands like Zhiyun and Hohem.

With the 6th generation gimbal, the latest launch from DJI is more of an incremental upgrade than anything, but it helps keep them ahead of the pack.

Quick Specification

  • 3-axis stabilisation
  • Titling Angle: -101.64° to 78.55°
  •  Rolling Angle: -120.30° – 211.97°
  •  Panning Angle: -161.64° to 173.79°
  • Magnetic phone mount for quick setup
  • Quick launch (available for iOS only)
  • Status bar LEDs show battery life and camera mode
  • Side wheel allows focus adjustment or zoom control
  • Built-in extension rod for additional angles and vantage points
  • ShotGuides feature recommends camera shots based on what you’re filming and creates clips for social media
  • ActiveTrack 5.0
  • Numerous video modes
  • Companion DJI Mimo app includes various comprehensive tutorials
  • Up to 6.5 hours battery life

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 vs DJI OM5 Differences

There is not a great deal of difference between the Mobile 6 and the older OM 5, hence the price is about the same.

Physical Design:

  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds a status panel to view the current gimbal mode more conveniently.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds an axis lock to secure the gimbal for convenient storage. 
  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds a side wheel to control zoom and focus.
  • The joystick of Osmo Mobile 6 has been upgraded to provide a better operating experience.


  • Osmo Mobile 6 adds a magnetic alignment detection function. When the dots are not aligned to indicate the correct attachment of the Magnetic Phone Clamp to the gimbal, the system indicator on the status panel blinks red.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 provides improved ActiveTrack for more stable tracking at longer distances. It also supports the front camera to track the profile and turning around of the subject.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 supports quick launch for more efficient use.
  • M button of Osmo Mobile 6 can switch between gimbal modes.
  • Osmo Mobile 6 has an upgraded Magnetic Phone Clamp with a wider clamping range.


Technically, you can use the gimbal out of the box with no app, all the hardware functions should work with no problem, and you can use your normal camera app. The DJI app will provide you with significantly more functionality.

The setup is quite easy, but the app I installed was sideloaded. Inside the box, there is a QR code which will take you to the user guide and give you the option to install the DJI app.

Thankfully the app doesn’t force you into registering an account (like most apps nowadays), and pairing the it was an easy process. You need to unfold the mount, and the gimbal should wake up and be ready for pairing.

With it paired and the phone mounted, you will be sent through a quick guide on the controls.

In Use

I have limited experience with gimbals. I bought the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 back in 2019 with the intention of producing video during IFA, and then I just never did it. I have also previously used the Zhiyun Smooth Q3, and I reviewed the PowerVision S1.

The PowerVision S1 is an innovative compact gimbal, but it wasn’t the most user-friendly as I found it struggled to balance my phone properly.

The DJI OSMO Mobile 6, is a completely different experience. I found that there was little to no learning curve, and it just worked out of the box with minimal effort. My initial mounting did cause the app to warn me to realign the phone, but beyond that, I have had no issues with the balance or stabilisation.  

The on-device controls are easy to use, and you go through a basic step-by-step tutorial when you first use it. You obviously have the analogue stick to control the pan/tilt/roll.

The bottom right button allows you to switch between landscape/portrait or swap between the front and rear cameras.

On the bottom of the gimbal is a 1/4″-20 UNC port allowing you to connect a tripod and then a smaller M3-0.5 screw hole where the phone mounts, allowing you to attach an accessory such as a microphone or light. DJI also sell a fill light smartphone clamp.

I used the gimbal with the DJI app, and most of the functionality comes from this. Using the app, you have choices for:

  • Video: tap to shoot a regular video.
  • Photo: capture still pictures. You can start at 0.5X for a wide angle and zoom in up to 8X. Holding down the button activates burst mode.
  • Hyperlapse: shoot a hyperlapse sequence while moving the mobile phone.
  • Timelapse: there are four default ways to record this: fixed, sequence, right-to-left or reverse. You can also set up a custom motion with up to four positions for the gimbal to manoeuvre between.
  • DynamicZoom: simulates a dolly zoom effect. Tap the screen to select either the Move In or Move Out mode and drag a box to select your subject. You then walk towards or away from the subject to create a video clip.
  • Slow Motion: record video at either 4X or 8X slow motion.
  • Pano: capture 3×3, 240°, or CloneMe. The latter creates an image in which the same subject appears in multiple places in the same photo. It counts down 5 seconds after each capture so your subject can move to the next position in the frame.
  • Story: provides a multitude of templates, guides, and automated angles. After each clip is recorded, it will be stitched together for an instantly shareable story.

In the selfie mode, the app automatically switched to auto-tracking my face, and this seems to work really well. I was able to wander around the room with it panning/tilting around smoothly and accurately. Similarly, in the normal shooting mode, you can select an object, and it will auto-track it.

The main thing is that I found the overall performance of the gimbal to be excellent. Stabilisation was excellent, and the motor provided a smooth pan/tilt/roll.

Price and Alternative Options

The DJI OSMO Mobile 6 is available for £145 on Amazon, and this price has remained consistent for the past 3 months it has been available. You can also buy the DJI OSMO Mobile 6 from Vlogsfan for $159, which works out as £132.

The older DJI OM 5 is currently £139, so there is little reason to buy this at the current price, but it has been as low as £109 recently. With the small number of differences between this and the newer model, it is worth checking the prices of the two models before you commit to buying anything.

The Zhiyun Smooth 5 seems to be the main recommended alternative, this is available for £139, but Amazon has a £20 voucher available, taking it to £119


The DJI OSMO Mobile/OM gimbals have always been the top recommendation from users and critics alike, and for a good reason, too, they are the best option out there.

For me, this has been superb. It has all the features I want, it is easy to use, and I have not had any issues with glitchy behaviour.

I think the pricing is favourable too. It costs about the same as the previous generation and only £25 more than the Zhiyun Smooth 5.

For existing DJI OM 5, there is no reason to upgrade to this, but owners of earlier models may want to.

DJI OSMO Mobile 6 Review Rating


The DJI OSMO Mobile 6 is almost certainly the best mobile gimbal on the market and is an easy recommendation. However, depending on discounts, it may be quite a bit more expensive than competing options, including the previous generation OM 5.

  • Overall - 90%


  • Superb overall performance
  • App has an extensive number of features
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in selfie stick/extension pole


  • Not much difference vs OM 5
  • Slight price premium vs other products

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