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After one week of warm weather, it is probably time for me to prepare for summer. I have previously covered the best pedestal fans for sleeping. The key to these fans is as many speeds settings as possible, allowing you to run it as slowly as possible and, therefore, silently.

It is the opposite for fans you intend to use for the gym. You are going to have to weigh up how big and noisy you are willing to put up with.

I am a heavy sweater, and after most of my Zwift sessions, there is literally a puddle of sweat on the floor, even if it is freezing in my garage.

My Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer has built-in fans, and they make things marginally more pleasant, but the tiny fans are nowhere near enough to keep me cool in the warmer months.

At the moment, I have the Tacx fans and a generic pedestal fan, but I want something with a bit more power to try and keep me cool.

Wahoo Kickr Headwind

Wahoo KICKR Headwind Smart Fan UK Internal Grey
  • Price: £199
  • Max Fan Speed: 30 mph/48 kph

I am listing the Kickr Headwind first because it is specifically made for indoor cycling and Zwift. Most fans list provide some performance data such as cubic feet per minute (CFM) or litre/second, but Wahoo only states speed. This makes me suspicious of its performance, and I doubt the overall cooling ability is as good as others on this list.

On the other hand, this is a smart fan that can pair up with your HRM and adjust the fan speed based on your effort.

It is not the best value for money but if you want a dream Zwift setup this should be part of it.

Vacmaster Air Mover / Cardio54

Vacmaster Cardio54 Cycling Fan

  • Price: £69 / £99
  • Max Fan Speed: 33 mph (54 km/h)
  • 518 CFM / 244 l/s

So many people were buying the Vacmaster Air Mover for fitness that they created the Cardio54. They are basically the same, but the Cardio54 has a remote control that you can strap to your bike.

It is half the price of the Headwind, and it appears that it can move more air.

XPower P-80A / P-250T / P-450T Air Mover

Xpower Airmover P 250T

  • Price: £69.99 / £75 / £140
  • 350 CFM / 700 CFM / 1600 CFM

These are a similar concept to the Vacmaster, designed to be fan dryers for commercial use.

The XPower P-80A is probably not worth it; it blows less air for the same amount of money as the Vacmaster Air Mover. However, the larger P-250T and P-450T could be worth it. The P-250T seems to be a good buy, only £5 more than the P-80A & Vacmaster while moving a lot more air.

Industrial Floor Fan

The following fans are basically all the same design, big ugly floor fans. You can search for floor fan, industrial fan or box fan and buy whatever is the cheapest/best performing.

Annoyingly, most of the options on Amazon don’t state CFM rating. You may have to risk looking at Amazon reviews to work out how good a fan is. Fans quite basic products so it I can’t imagine many or bad value for money.

Screwfix HF-45A Industrial Floor Fan

Screwfix HF 45A Industrial Floor Fan
  • Price: £39.99
  • 250 CFM / 118 Ltr/sec
  • Size: 18″

Screwfix is always good for affordable commercial equipment. On paper, this seems to provide the best performance for your money out of the floor fans I have found.

Sealey Industrial High Velocity HVD24 & HVD30

Sealey Industrial Fan HVD24

  • £177 / £243
  • 155.3m³/min(5484cfm) / 283.4m³/min(10008cfm)
  • Size: 24” or 30”

I am not sure I’d actually recommend this one, you can take things too far sometimes. With a CFM that’s ten times greater than the Vacmaster, this is perhaps a bit extreme. It moves so much air you probably don’t want it too close to you. The noise level is 84dB(A) for the smaller model and 78dB(A) for the bigger, which could be unpleasant in a small room or garage.

MYLEK 20″ High Velocity Floor Fan

  • Price: £59.95
  • 98 m3 per hour or 27 l/s
  • Size: 20″

This is about the only option I could find on Amazon with some idea of how much air it moves.

Pro Breeze 20″ Chrome Gym Floor Fan

  • 120W Motor
  • Speed: 4.25 m/s
  • Price: £79.95
  • Size: 20″

Pro Breeze is generally a good option for fans on Amazon. There is no CFM value, though. It will be good, but it is difficult to know how good compared to the Screwfix HF-45A

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  1. Or use your bedroom Dan – or a portable a/c unit.

    Cooling is about resetting to your basometabolic rate.

    You remove heat by radiation (55%) convection (40%) or conduction. (Percentages are ish)

    Fans provide little improvement in radiation – some, as they cool the room. But cooling the room means more differential to increase radiative dispersion. So a/c that blows…. Ideal!

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