CASETiFY Apple iPhone 15 Case Announcement

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In the wake of Apple’s recent Keynote Event, CASETiFY has announced a new range of tech accessories specifically designed for the iPhone 15 Series and Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2. From award-winning phone cases to durable watch bands, let’s delve into the offerings that aim to redefine robustness while maintaining style.

Ultra Bounce Case: Redefining Phone Protection

Ultra Bounce Case

Fresh off seven “Best of IFA Berlin 2023” media awards, the Ultra Bounce Case promises to be the ultimate protective case for the new iPhone 15 Series. What sets this case apart is its six-layered Rugged Protection System, highlighted by four Ultra Bounce Corners. These bumper archings feature air cavities and compression ribs that provide structural support, adding rigidity in the event of a drop.

But it doesn’t stop there. The case also integrates a 1.2mm raised camera ring, a built-in 2.2mm raised lens cover, and three layers of Ecoshock™ material. These features contribute to its formidable resistance to impacts, with a survival rate of up to 32ft (nearly 10m) in a single drop. Subjected to 260 drop tests from various angles, it has attained 10X Military Grade Standard (STD-810G). All this while offering endless customisation options such as names, colours, and fonts. Pricing starts at USD$110.

Award-Winning Bounce Case

iPhone 15 Bounce Case

For those who fancy an agile yet resilient option, the Award-Winning Bounce Case fits the bill. A Gold Winner of the 2023 NY Product Design Awards, this case has been tested to withstand over 156 drops and falls from up to 21.3 feet. The case features Bounce Corners that add to its strength, making it an ideal companion for urban explorers. Available at a retail price of USD$90.

Impact Ring Stand Case: The Multi-Tasker

iPhone 15 Impact Ring Stand Case

Beyond the Ultra Bounce and Bounce Cases, CASETiFY also introduces the Impact Ring Stand Case. This 3X Military Grade Standard case can withstand single drops of at least 6.6ft (2m) and is MagSafe-compatible. A unique feature of this case is the camera ring that doubles as a stand for extra protection. Priced at USD$80, it’s both utilitarian and stylish.

Classic Impact Case

iPhone 15 Classic Impact Case

The original Impact Case also receives an update for iPhone 15. With reliable 8.2ft (2.4m) drop protection and 4x Military Grade Standard, it starts at a more budget-friendly USD$65.

Bounce Band & Impact Band: A Robust Wrist Game

Apple Watch Series 9 Bounce Band

For the Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2, CASETiFY introduces two new types of watch bands. The Bounce Band, at USD$69, is a sporty and rugged option manufactured with high-performance FKM fluoroelastomer rubber. On the other hand, the Impact Band, priced at USD$50, brings a sturdy yet sleek design with an emphasis on water-resistance.

Beyond Cases and Bands

Alongside these main offerings, CASETiFY also launches a plethora of additional accessories such as MagSafe Power Bank charges, Cardholder Stands, and Ring Holders. Their range also includes an extensive variety of Screen Protectors, Phone Straps, and Camera Lens Protectors.

For those keen on exploring these robust and stylish tech accessories, the entire catalogue is available at

What we’re witnessing here is a brand that understands the balance between extreme protection and the aesthetics that resonate with its customer base. With its new releases, CASETiFY has once again demonstrated its commitment to pushing the limits of extreme protection while not compromising on customisation and style.

CASETiFY iPhone 15 & New Apple Watch Series

Ultra Bounce Case – A Fortress For Your iPhone

Key Features:

  • Comprised of Re/CASETiFY pellets
  • Uses proprietary EcoShock™ material, promising a whopping 32.8ft of drop protection (10x MIL)
  • Elevated camera ring and lens cover to stave off lens damage
  • Exclusively compatible with MagSafe, yet works seamlessly with wireless charging
  • Treated with DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coating
  • Colour Availability: Solely in Black
  • Price Point: Around $110 USD
  • Exclusive to

Bounce Band – Where Breathability Meets Style

Key Features:

  • A unique geometric ventilation design ensures a breathable, comfortable fit
  • Supports Apple Watch Series 1-9, SE, and Ultra models
  • Crafted from FKM fluoroelastomer rubber, making it water and sweat-resistant
  • Available in Black, Orange, & Sand
  • Wrist size compatibility detailed for all models
  • Price Point: Roughly $69 USD

Bounce Case – Built for the Urban Adventurer

Key Features:

  • Also fashioned from Re/CASETiFY pellets
  • Uses EcoShock™ material consisting of 40% plant-based ingredients
  • Slimmer by 16% compared to its predecessor, yet offers 21.3 ft of drop protection (6X MIL)
  • Elevated camera ring and raised bezel for added protection
  • Price Range: Around $90 USD
  • Available at and Amazon

Impact Ring Stand Case – Everyday Protection with a Twist

Key Features:

  • Integrated camera ring kickstand, adjustable up to 150 degrees
  • Crafted from EcoShock™ material, providing 6.6ft of drop protection (3X MIL)
  • Colour Availability: Clear Black
  • Price Point: Approximately $80 USD
  • Exclusive to and Amazon

Impact Case – The Balanced Choice for Daily Use

Key Features:

  • EcoShock™ material grants 8.2ft drop protection (4X MIL)
  • Available in an array of colours including Clear (Black), Matte Black, Cotton Candy, & Classic Blue
  • Price Range: $65 – $70 USD
  • Where to Buy: and Amazon

Impact Band – The Comfort King

Apple Watch Series 9 Impact Band

Key Features:

  • Geometric ventilation design for that perfect, breathable fit
  • Colour Availability: Just in Black
  • Price Point: About $50 USD
  • Exclusive to

Whether you’re a serial phone-dropper or just want to keep your gadgets in pristine condition, Casetify’s new lineup seems like it might just have the answer. While these cases and bands don’t come cheap, they are arguably a small price to pay for peace of mind. And remember, when it comes to protecting our beloved tech, the devil is in the details.

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