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Today we have a review of the TrackR Bravo Bluetooth lost and found tracker device. This is a Bluetooth equipped coin-sized device that easily attaches to your valuable items that can then be used to find them using the TrackR app.

This was successfully funded on IndieGoGo for $1.7 million, so they have had plenty of funds to develop a great little device. Let’s see how it holds up.

The device itself is well made, it has a matt aluminium finish on it and a small button for syncing and tracking. They claim it is coin-sized, but it is probably a bit larger than any coin form the UK I can think of. It is not massively larger than a £2 coin though, it easily fitted into the coin compartment of my wallet. It also has a built in loop hole so you can att  ach it keyring style too. Overall the build quality of this little device is great.

The Bravo has a replaceable C1616 battery, which should last a year, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one, but this means it is not waterproof.

The overall setup process is extremely easy, you hit the button on the Bravo, and search and wait until it appears in the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone, then tap and wait for it to pair.

Testing how it locates the device gives off quite a high pitched alarm, that isn’t particularly pleasant but it is loud enough that you should be able to find it if you walk around your house. Bluetooth range is obviously going to be your main concern here, so if you know it is in your house then you may need to wander around and try a few times to find it.

The next feature of the Bravo is separation alerts. There are two options: your phone can ring when it moves away from the TrackR and / or the TrackR can beep when it is separated from the phone. This obviously has all sorts of useful benefits, and I will no doubt use it next time I go out drinking to make sure I don’t lose my keys (which happens too often).

The last unique feature for the TrackR is the crowdsourced GPS tracking. As the TrackR doesn’t have GPS itself, or a mobile connection it can use all the other people running the TrackR app to keep tabs (anonymously) on other TrackRs. So if you drop your keys and somehow miss the separation alerts, there’s a chance another TrackR user will come within range of your Bravo. If that happens, you’ll get an alert showing its rough location. This sounds like an amazing feature, and UK coverage looks good overall, but realistically it looks like it will only be any good in major cities such as London. Looking at the coverage near where I live, there is hardly any chance of it being found. It’s still better than nothing though!

Overall this seems like a great little gadget, especially if you are prone to losing your wallet or keys. Priced at £24.99 on Amazon it is more expensive than some competing products on Amazon but most of the others look like cheap knock offs and I doubt they will have the range of functionality or build quality.

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