Thermaltake H100 Tempered Glass Mid Tower PC Case – Almost identical to the H200 but with less RGB and a little cheaper

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Thermaltake H100 TG Mid Tower PC Gaming Case Review Rating


A decent budget case that is overshadowed by the numerous other Thermaltake cases that offer either superior aesthetics, cooling or value for money.

  • Overall - 65%

The H100 is another budget case from Thermaltake, coming in at around £5-10 cheaper than the Thermaltake H200 I reviewed back in December.

Thermaltake H100 vs H200 Design & Build Quality

Opening up this case revealed a suspiciously familiar design, it looks almost identical to the H200 except for the RGB that ran down the full height along the side of the front panel has now been reduced to a slither of a strip along the bottom that is static blue.

Looking at the dimensions reveals this is likely the same frame with dimensions of 416 x 210 x 454 mm on the H100 vs 454 x 210 x 416mm of the H200. You get the same internal design with a large motherboard cut out and PSU cover with window.

Neither case has front fans included but they both have a rear 120 x 120 x 25 mm fan. It looks like the H100 may have a slightly worse fan as this is rated at 1000rpm 19.5dBA whereas the H200 has 1000rpm 16dBA, I suspect they are the same though.

They both have 7 expansion slots and fan support of:

  • Front:3 x 120mm , 2 x 140mm
  • Top:2 x 120mm , 2x 140mm
  • Rear:1 x 120mm , 1 x 140mm

For radiator support, you get up to 280mm in the front or 240mm at the top.

They also both have the same clearance of:

  • CPU cooler height limitation: 180mm
  • VGA length limitation: 320mm

Apart from the front RGB being significantly smaller, there are two other notable differences making the H200 superior to this.

The H200 has a hinged side panel that magnetically closes, this, therefore, gives the side panel a cleaner look in my opinion.

The H200 also has an RGB button allowing you to switch between 19 lighting modes whereas the LED strip of this is just static blue.


This case is OK, if the H200 didn’t exist, I would like it a lot more. However, depending on where you buy it from, and the price you pay, it makes little sense over the H200.

They are identical cases, but the H200 costs  £5-£15 more and has a superior RGB strip and a better glass side panel. If you want your LED lighting as discrete as possible, then the H100 may be appealing, but then I would argue what is the point of getting and RGB/LED case at all.

If you want something as cheap as possible, then the Thermaltake Versa J21 is probably a better choice than this. Alternatively the Thermaltake V200 or View 23 the cost just a bit more and offer superior cooling with their RGB fans.

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