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While this is not tech-related, I do cover fitness tech, and I am in the middle of marathon training and flirting with the idea of Ironman 70.3.

As a tight-fisted northerner, my attitude towards fitness wear has always been to opt for the cheapest possible with most of my gym wear coming from Primark, even though I loathe the shop.

In the past year or so as business has picked up, lifestyle creep has occurred and found myself spending on better quality gym wear. Buy cheap, buy twice is a phrase for a reason, and investing in better quality clothing has paid off, it fits better, looks nicer, but it also holds up better. There is less shrinkage and the quality in between items remains consistent. I always find with Primark or other cheap brands I will buy one OK t-shirt, but the next will be so thin and poor quality I never wear it more than once.

I recently was made aware of a UK based sportswear brand TCA that have a superb range of clothing at reasonable prices being cheaper than gym wear from the likes of Nike and other big brand names.

Thanks to Instagram and other social media, there has been a deluge of new fitness brands to choose from and it can be difficult to tell what’s quality and what’s not.

One of the appealing aspects of TCA is that it is UK based from a self-made individual, it is not some massive conglomerate with questionably manufacturing practices. Their gym wear is designed and developed with pro athletes to be comfortable, functional and look great.

There recent Underground collection is inspired by the grit, determination and fighting spirit of young, ambitious athletes. Featuring technical, durable and versatile fabrics, sport and street-ready styles in an urban-inspired colour palette of cool blacks, dark greens and textured greys – the collection is shaped by the culture and athletic lifestyle of inner-city London where the brand was born, lives and breathes.  

For guys, you are looking at paying around £24 for a T-Shirt and £28 for shorts within this collection.

They also have an Amazon store with some well-reviewed items, in particular the Elite Tech shorts are useful for running with a decent quality zip pocket.

TCA Elite Tech Lightweight Mens Running Shorts Men Gym... TCA Elite Tech Lightweight Mens Running Shorts Men Gym... No ratings yet £19.99Amazon Prime
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