Timex upgrades its Ironman watch with Garmin like features and heart rate monitoring while achieving 25 days battery

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Until today I wasn’t aware that Timex did sports watches, but they do, and they are ultrabasic, which is not always a bad thing.

Today they have upgraded the Ironman series to include the Ironman R300 which offers the essential features most of us want from a sports watch while also being very affordable and offering an exceptional 25-hour battery life.

The watch is not particularly attractive, but if you are into the retro Timex style it may suit you.

The new watch has a touchscreen display and offers features such as an always-on display, GPS, speed and distance tracking, phone calls, and the ability to upload workout data.

There is also wrist-based heart rate tracking but there is no mention about being able to use external monitors for more accurate tracking.

The Timex Smart app allows quick & easy access to your activity tracking data (Steps, Distance, Calories & Sleep), your latest work out data, and all-day heart rate data.

Workout history will include Detailed Map, Data & Charts.

They even have a coaching function where you can build and download custom workouts to your watch.

Thankfully they have also included Strava support.

Overall, not the most exciting for watches, but the price and battery life are critical here at $120 which will probably be £120 this will go up against the  Garmin Forerunner 35 (£99) or the more expensive FR45 (£158) and Vivoactive 3 (£150). I’d probably still stick with Garmin over this, but that 25-day battery life is appealing.

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