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Dodocool is another budget brand that sells peripherals on Amazon. The first of the two products they sent is a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Each earpiece is quite large, but they include a large bendable ear loop that goes over your ears. This creates a very secure fit in my case, they create a good seal within my ear, and there is little to no wobble when I move my head about. Most importantly no matter what I did the earpieces never fully came out of my ear, and only occasionally became slightly loose.

The controls of the headphones are located on the right side, and it is quite large and kept quite high up on the cable. While the earpieces themselves were very comfortable, I found that when running or other vigorous exercises would create the control to bounce about. This didn’t dislodge the earpiece, but it was quite annoying. The microUSB port on the control is protected by a cover so it should stop sweat/water ingress but the buttons on the control don’t look that waterproof in my opinion. Dodocool does claim that these are IPX5 rated so it should never allow water or sweat ingress from any direction.

Pairing the earphones was quite simple as with almost all devices nowadays. Once paired I found the earphones to sound exceptional based on the £18.99 price tag. They have a very nice level of bass, and both the mids and highs were also very clear, with no harshness. Sound quality isn’t as good as the Bose SoundSport Pulse I reviewed, but these are nearly 1/10th of the price.

I have previously reviewed cheap Bluetooth earphones in the past that had superb sound quality, only to find they completely die after 2-3 months. I have no way of telling if this will be the case here, but the controls could be the weak point for people like myself who exercise and sweat a lot.


For the price these are very good earphones, they are not the most attractive, and the jury is still out on their durability, but for an affordable set of earphones these seem like a great option to choose.


Dodocool Wireless Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphone
61119s7AWHL. SL1001 e1513089125186

Product Name: Dodocool Wireless Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphone

Offer price: 17.99

Currency: GBP

Availability: InStock

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  • Price - 90%
  • Sound - 80%
  • Build - 70%

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