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Ok my second stupid car post. Why anyone would want to fit an exhaust flamer on a Renault 5 I have no idea. I am pretty sure it is illegal and apart from that just stupid but here is a video.





And apparently its oh so easy to install exhaust flamers yourself.

Exhaust Flamers kits are available from many places now like SCC Performance, BUT remember these are illegal for road use and could carry a heavy penalty if found using it while driving……so be careful.

Step one.

You need to get hold of all the essential parts for building your Exhaust Flamer:

  1. Coil
  2. Sparkplug
  3. HT Lead
  4. Switch
  5. Controller unit
  6. Cable for power

Step Two.

Find a nice place to mount the switch on your dash and run power from your battery to the switch then from the switch to the back of your car.

Step Three.

You now need to decide where you want the spark plug on your exhaust, make sure u mount it after the back box as you could end up burning away all your baffles and having to buy a new exhaust.

Step Four.

Once decided where to fit the spark plug, drill a hole through the tailpipe matching the size of the spark plug, then use the bolt that come with the kit and bolt it thought the exhaust making sure its tight and secure.

Step Five.

Drill a hole in the floor pan at the back of the boot near the exhaust and pass the HT lead through and connect it to the spark plug.

Step Six.

mount the coil pack securely in the boot and connect the HT lead and “+” & “-” side of the coil to the controller box.

Step Seven.

Earth the controller box to a suitable earth point making sure its safe and secure.

Step Eight.

Attach the power cable that you ran from the switch to the power sire of the controller unit.

That’s your exhaust klamer kit all wired in and ready to go, before you start the engine, test the kit by switching it on, you should here a quiet buzzing coming from your exhaust or if you look up your exhaust to where you mounted the spark plug you will see the spark plug igniting.

Don’t look up the exhaust while the flamer kits on and the engine running.

You should see flames from your exhaust on de-acceleration, remember all cars give a different effect from the kit.

I personally like the “Don’t look up the exhaust while the flamer kits on and the engine running.” comment, someone putting their head in front of an exhaust flamer would surely have to be a nominee for the Darwin awards. Personally I wouldn’t recommend ever putting an exhaust flamer on your car, it is dangerous, very illegal and it does not make up for your inadequacies.

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  1. how to build an exhaust flamer spark controller unit

    so wheres the ciurcut diagram for the controller unit??

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