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Back in December, I reviewed the TestM hardware app, it was a great little app to make sure all the functions of your phone worked. You could either use this when selling a phone on eBay or after buying a phone.

With everyone wanting to be Insta-famous, TestM have developed a follow-up app to make sure your phone is fit for purpose when posting to social media.

Features and Description

TestM Social Edition is a full social diagnostic app available for your smartphone and mobile device. Use TestM to check your phone’s camera & storage space, take a test for you touch screen, test your selfie camera just what you need to and no more.

The Most Easy Mobile Social Features Tester App

  • Test your touch screen
  • Story test, check microphone, speakers & camera
  • Selfie camera test
  • Compatible with more than 14,000 Android and iOS devices!

TestM Social Edition is a FREE app that helps you clean the junk on your phone, tells you how many apps you have on your phone and when u last used them.

App Features & Tests:

  • Screen test: Touch Screen, 3D touch
  • Story test: Camera, Speakers & Microphone
  • Battery Test: Quality and life test
  • CPU Cooler
  • Ram Booster
  • Selfie Camera test
  • Storage Cleaner

The Social Edition includes some very cool features, we bring you a selfie quality test that you can add filters and stickers straight from the app and upload to your social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

In Use

The app itself is a bit of a bizarre mix of the previous hardware app and social media content creation.

There are various tests that you can run that are identical to the hardware version of this app, including a screen test and battery test. These work just as well as the previous app and are useful tests to carry out.

The main screen itself provides an overview of the device status and will tell you if you are running too many apps , the free storage, ram and current CPU usage. All of these will affect the performance of your phone so they are useful to keep an eye on.

The key difference between this app and the hardware version is the Selfie and Storey features. These allow you to take a photo or story just like you would on Facebook and Instagram but it will then use an algorithm to decide how good that post is, allowing you to tweak it so it can perform better on social media. Once you are happy with your score you can then share it via the appropriate platforms. The app has all the feature you get from other platforms, you can change backgrounds and add various stickers to the image.

The app is free to use but it add supported for diagnostic tests I have found this to be fine, there is no need to pay extra. However, there are quite a lot of adds so if you want to run the selfie and story test before posting on a regular basis then you should think about upgrading to the premium version.


The concept of having your phone grade your post before publishing it is excellent and the app will no doubt be very popular with the younger generation.

I like the hardware testing features, but to be honest, I think it is best to keep the two sets of features separate. So have all the social media optimisation features within one app, and then allow users to easily switch to the hardware app.

If you are a prolific selfie poster and need a bit of validation to boost your confidence before posting then this is a great app.

TestM - Social Edition
  • Overall - 75%

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