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Infinix aims to make a big impact on the mobile gaming industry with the launch of its inaugural dual-chip flagship smartphone, the Infinix GT 20 Pro. Designed specifically for young, budget-conscious gamers, this device is poised to redefine the gaming experience with its cutting-edge hardware and software enhancements, ensuring unparalleled performance in its price range.

Dual-Chip Performance

Infinix gt20 Pro Feature

At the heart of the Infinix GT 20 Pro lies a dual-chip system, featuring the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate 4nm 5G Processor and the Pixelworks X5 Turbo Dedicated Gaming Display Chip. This unique combination allows the device to deliver esports-level gaming experiences, supporting high frame rates in popular titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (120 FPS), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (90 FPS), and Call of Duty (90 FPS).

The Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chipset, meticulously engineered for the Infinix GT 20 Pro, employs advanced technologies like MAGT and AI-VRS to boost its capabilities. Meanwhile, the Pixelworks X5 Turbo chip utilizes Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) game frame interpolation to enhance original game frame rates, potentially surpassing native peak FPS from 60 to 120 FPS, ensuring an ultra-smooth and visually stunning gaming experience.

Stable Frame-rate Engine and Cooling System

To optimize gameplay, the Infinix GT 20 Pro features a Stable Frame-rate Engine that balances temperature and power consumption. This engine prioritizes gaming resources, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient gaming experience.

The device’s cooling capabilities have been significantly enhanced with a meticulously engineered system. It boasts a 68% larger Phase Change Material (PCM) graphite sheet and a 73% larger VC Liquid Cooling system, both designed to improve heat dissipation efficiency. Additionally, over 66% of the thermal paste is applied to the primary heat source area for targeted cooling.

Immersive Visuals and Audio

The Infinix GT 20 Pro sports a stunning 6.78-inch AMOLED FHD+ display with a 94.3% screen-to-body ratio and ultra-narrow bezels. With a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, 2304 Hz PWM dimming, and a peak brightness of 1300 nits, this device delivers an immersive gaming experience that pulls you deeper into the action.

Enhancing every auditory detail, the Infinix GT 20 Pro features dual speakers with Sound by JBL, merging superior hardware and software to produce high-quality gaming audio. This technology not only delivers immersive sound but also aids players in accurately locating enemies by sound direction and intensity.

Esports Mode and Clean & Pure OS 2.0

The Infinix GT 20 Pro introduces a unique Esports Mode, elevating the device’s performance to match that of a gaming console. This mode creates a zero-disruption gaming experience, providing the ultimate gaming environment for esports enthusiasts.

Clean & Pure OS 2.0 ensures a distraction-free gaming environment with two major Android upgrades and three years of security patch updates. This tailored operating system meets the specific needs of professional esports players, offering disturbance-free and game-priority settings during matches.

Cyber Mecha Design with Mecha Loop LED Interface

The Infinix GT 20 Pro showcases an upgraded Cyber Mecha Design, embodying the essence of Infinix GT: Metal, Power, and Speed. The design features a turbine blade pattern that symbolizes dynamic motion and high performance.

The Mecha Loop LED Interface allows gamers to customize their device with eight colour combinations and four dynamic lighting effects, reflecting their unique style and setting the mood for every gaming session.

Not Just a Gaming Phone

While the Infinix GT 20 Pro excels as a gaming device, it also offers impressive photography capabilities. The 108MP OIS triple rear camera, supported by powerful algorithms running on the processor, delivers enhanced image quality even in the darkest environments.

The device also features the AIGC-powered Easy Pic feature, simplifying the process of finding and selecting photos, making it a comprehensive tool designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s users.

Infinix GT VERSE: A Holistic Gaming Universe

The Infinix GT 20 Pro is just one part of the Infinix GT VERSE, a holistic gaming ecosystem designed for all gaming enthusiasts. This robust lineup includes a laptop, earphones, a smartwatch, and a cooling fan, providing a full suite of tools to enhance the gaming experience.

Infinix has also collaborated with Nvidia on the esports laptop, Infinix GTBOOK, which is equipped with industry-leading CPUs and GPUs, efficient cooling systems, power supplies, and high refresh rate displays, continuing the visual design of the Infinix GT series.

Official Gaming Phone for PUBG Mobile Super League

The Infinix GT 20 Pro has secured the position of the Official Gaming Phone for the PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region and the Central and South Asia (CSA) region. Infinix is committed to offering young gamers the essential tools and delivering the ultimate gaming experience to all.

Pricing and Availability

The Infinix GT 20 Pro will be available in Mecha Blue, Mecha Orange, and Mecha Silver, with 12+256GB and 8+256GB memory configurations. Pricing will vary by region, with details to be announced at country launch.


ProcessorDimensity 8200 Ultimate 4nm 5G
Display ChipPixelworks X5 Turbo Dedicated Gaming Display Chip
Display6.78″ AMOLED FHD+, 94.3% screen-to-body ratio, 144 Hz refresh rate, 2304 Hz PWM dimming, 1300 nits peak brightness
Camera108MP OIS Triple Rear Camera
Battery5000 mAh, 45W Fast Charge
Operating SystemClean & Pure OS 2.0 with 2 Major Android Upgrades and 3-year Security Patch Updates
AudioDual Speakers with Sound by JBL
DesignCyber Mecha Design with Mecha Loop LED Interface


The Infinix GT 20 Pro is set to redefine the mobile gaming landscape, offering young, budget-conscious gamers an unparalleled esports-level gaming experience. With its dual-chip performance, stable frame-rate engine, immersive visuals and audio, and unique design, this device is poised to outplay the competition and usher in a new era of mobile gaming excellence.

As part of the Infinix GT VERSE, the Infinix GT 20 Pro invites the youth to embark on an exhilarating journey into the future of gaming, encapsulated by the rallying cry: ‘It’s time to gear up!’ Welcome to the gateway of gaming’s future—a future that has just arrived with the Infinix GT 20 Pro.

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