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The Nebo Galileo Tempest is a 350-lumen waterproof lantern. The spotlight is the latest lantern from Nebo and is the smallest and most affordable model yet. It produces 350 lumens of brightness, compared to the 500 and 1000 lumens of the Galileo 500 and Galileo 1000.

It utilises Arcus COB technology to produce 360 or 120 degrees of brilliant white or red light. The multi-use lanyard provides easy portability and hands-free convenience.


Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern Review Specs
  • Lighting Modes
    • 360 degree C.O.B High(350lumens) -6hours/ 13meters
    • 360 degree C.O.B Low (50 lumens) -30 hours/ 5 meters
    • 120 degree C.O.B High (180 lumens) -9 hours/ 15 meters
    • 120 degree C.O.B Low (35 lumens) -40 hours/ 5 meters
    • Spot High (150 lumens) -10 hours/ 112 meters
    • Spot Low (45 lumens) -32 hours/ 63 meters
    • Red High (30 lumens) -20 hours/ 2 meters
    • Red Low (6 lumens) -60 hours
  • 360 degree ARCUSTMC.O.B Technology
  • Dimming + Power Memory Recall
  • Smart Power ControlTM(SPC)
  • Direct-to-Red
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Magnetic Base
  • Carry Lanyard
  • Folding handle
  • Powered by three AA batteries
  • Dims: 1.69 (L) x 1.69 (W) x 4.72” (H)
  • Weight: 0.32 lb


Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern Review Design

The Galileo Tempest 350 is quite different from the previous Nebo lights I have reviewed. It is a tubular design with a see-through plastic body that exposes the lantern LEDs, which circle around the light with a reflector that is angled outwards to spread the light out.

The main LEDs can work with half or all the lights activated, giving you some direction options, and these can be either normal or red lighting.

On the top of the lamp is an additional LED and reflector that works as a spotlight and provides up to 150 lumens of light.

Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern Spotlight

This is the first Nebo light I have used that uses AA batteries, which are pre-installed. You can, of course, switch these out for rechargeable batteries. While I prefer USB-C chargeable lights for lower running costs and easy charging, having swappable batteries is clearly something that would be useful in a camping environment.

Similar to the Nebo work light, this has a magnetic base, allowing you to easily mount it on any ferromagnetic metal like steel. The base also has two hooks you can lift up allowing you to hang the lantern.

Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern Magnetic Base

Finally, you have an included lanyard, which again is useful for carrying and attaching to things.

The only other Galileo lantern I have reviewed is the much larger collapsible Galileo Air 1000. I like this Galileo Tempest 350 due to its small six and versatile lighting and mounting options.

As there is not much information online about the Temptest 350, the below video may provide some useful information.

NEBO Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern (16×9)


Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern 120 degree light

With a maximum lumen output of 350 lumens from the lantern and 150 lumens from the spotlight, it is far from the brightest Nebo lights, but the performance is good for something so small and affordable.

Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern 360 degree light

I wouldn’t want to rely on the lantern to illuminate a camping area for several people or as my main light, but the performance is good enough for a couple of people. I’d say it is better used inside a tent or vehicle where it should provide plenty of light.

Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern Red Light

The directional option is handy as well. I haven’t used it for camping, but it has been useful for providing illumination in my loft when I have been working on my networking hardware. I can point it in the direction of the area I am working on without blinding myself with the 360 lighting. The magnetic base is also great for mounting to the side of a networking rack.

Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern On

The flashlight is basic. At 150 lumens, it is on the low end of brightness for the cheap flashlights you can find on Amazon. That doesn’t matter, though, as it is a useful addition, and I have used it in my car quite a few times when routing around for something in the dark.

Considering the low price point, small design, and versatile usage, the overall performance is excellent.

Price and Alternative Options

The Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern is yet listed on the Nebo website or Amazon, but Dicks Sporting Goods listed it at $19.99 though at the time of writing, they appear to have taken the page down.

The larger and brighter Galileo 500 has an RRP of £50, and the Galileo 1000 Flex is £60.

Nebo also has the Poppy at £30 and Big Poppy at £34.


At around $20, there is nothing really to criticise about the Nebo Galileo Tempest 350. It is a

I like how small it is and the versatile mounting and lighting modes which makes it a great light to have for many scenarios, not just camping.

Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern Review


At this price point, there is not much to criticise about the Nebo Galileo Tempest 350 Lantern. It is small and durable, with versatile lighting modes and mounting. There is nothing groundbreaking here. It is just a good, cheap, small lantern.

  • Overall - 90%

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