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At the peak of technological advancements is the newest charging mechanization. Efficiency and convenience are the top features that this device possesses. Since phones are now a basic need, charging them shouldn’t be a chore. So, if having less than 15% of charge scares you, here is why you should get a wireless charger.

The simple dynamics

Wireless chargers depend on the electromagnetic field from copper coils to function. Consequently, your phone has to be reconcilable with this technology.

The copper coil creates a vibrating frequency which powers your device. These gadgets work more or less like a Wi-Fi transmission. The further you are from the router, the weaker the signal. However, you can quickly solve such a problem by getting pads that have a larger diameter. That way, you have a stronger frequency being produced.

The Benefits

Newer technology usually has better specs and more benefits. So, if you are thinking of getting a wireless charger, here are the top perks you will enjoy.

  • Convenience

Isn’t it annoying when you have to stay near a socket to use your phone? Well, wireless technology enables you to move as far as your frequency can allow while still being able to power up your device. So, whether you’re sending an email, catching up with your friends, or even playing the best new slots online, you can easily keep at it as long as you are within the signal’s range.

  • Universal compatibility

Thanks to these power mats, the era of special chargers is coming to a close. These gadgets perform using a universal standard called Qi, pronounced as “chee.” As long as a phone has electromagnetic frequency mechanization, then you can juice it up regardless of its brand. While the speed may vary depending on the phone’s capacity, you will still manage to charge your phone anywhere you are.

  • Less strenuous on your charging port

Charging ports are very sensitive. Some people have had to replace theirs thanks to the corded chargers. These Wi-Tricity-powered chargers do not require any plugging in, so your mobile device will live a little longer, and you won’t have to pay for charging port repairs.

  • Simple technology

Plug and charge technology looks much more complicated when you compare it to place and charge. Corded chargers require more concentration when plugging in, but these new variables only need a connection between the two electromagnetic coils, and you will be good to go.

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