PayPal’s New All-In-One Super App Announced

Entrepreneurs that need inspiration often look to the pioneers in their field, such as Steve Jobs. Arguably, though, PayPal founders Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Luke Nosek deserve a nod, too, as they epitomised the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” In 1998, the three founders launched PayPal and presented it as … Read more

Essential Details on How to Get the Passing Score in Microsoft AZ-304 Certification Exam

If you are determined to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, you should start by sitting for AZ-303 exam. This is the first step you need to take to validate the basic knowledge of managing the Azure environment. Once you get the passing score in AZ-303, you can move to the next step … Read more

5 Ways That Efficient Fleet Management Can Positively Affect Other Cogs Of Your Business

With the world fighting a battle against the pandemic more so than ever, now is a time when streamlining business operations and making it more efficient has become all the more evident. Fleet management software uses telematics and satellite tracking to keep an eye out on your vehicles, but there’s so much more to fleet management solutions … Read more

How does the development of technology affect the world of online gambling?

The online gambling industry is a niche that is continually changing, especially during the last decade. Thanks to dozens of technological advancements, it became possible to enjoy all the functionality offered by the online gambling market in New Zealand. Those features include mobile gameplay, VR/AR games, live dealer titles, and much more. If you’re relatively … Read more

Light up your life with some bespoke neon lighting

In recent years the use of mood lighting has grown in popularity for people wanting a focal point within their living space. So, then it also is no surprise that neon lights have also made a comeback. The new wave of popularity of neon has been facilitated by companies like Neon Mama, who have revolutionised … Read more

The technological revolution in football

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and for good reason. It brings people together, it can be made simple or complicated, yet all it takes to play is one ball. The ball can even be improvised, such as a pig or sheep bladder like it used to be. However, with each season … Read more

10 Slot Tips That Will Help You Win

It’s not easy to win on slot games, but it does happen and some punters even make a tidy profit. Slots are a game that is all about luck, but in the past some punters have managed to cheat these machines out of thousands of pounds. However, since they all became digital in 1996, this … Read more

Buy video games with Huge discounts

Playing games is a fun hobby, but it comes with a price. First, you need to pay for a console, and whether it’s a decent PC, Xbox 1, PS 4, Nintendo Switch, or even something else, you’re still going to pay for every game in order to play it. But, as you can already guess, … Read more

Higher Quality Hardware Is Shaping The Gaming Industry

Over the past quarter-century, the gambling industry has proven a willingness to adapt to the times and to invest in revolutionary technology. This forward-thinking approach, to embrace new hardware and software means the industry has opened itself up to new markets and customers, thanks to this ingenious mindset gambling is now more popular than ever … Read more

GeT_RiGhT caught COVID-19 during Flashpoint Season 1

Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund is one of the most known names in the Counter Strike history. He is a legendary player and a household name. Recently he and his team Dignitas had a really bad time at Flashpoint Season 1. They finished the tournament in the 10th position and those weren’t the only bad news. In … Read more

Hottest Mobile Trends in Gambling World

Since the last twenty years, we have seen how rapidly Smartphones have become a necessity and changed our lives and ability to manage everyday routines. Smartphones are an essential part of our lives now. Since the last few years, Smartphones have become the most popular method for people to go online. Users rely on them … Read more

Can Video Roulette Be Replicated on PlayStation?

What Is Video Roulette? If you have ever visited a casino or seen what it looks like on TV, you must have seen a roulette table somewhere. Roulette is a classic table casino game with a betting area where different numbers and betting options are listed and a roulette ball that lands on one of … Read more

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