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These days people use their phones for just about everything. Whether it is dating, shopping, or entertainment–there is an app for it. There are also many fitness and health apps for your smartphone that allow you to track your heart rate, but are they as accurate as a dedicated heart monitor? In this blog post we will delve into whether or not a smartphone app is as good as using a heart monitor.

While accuracy may be essential for those who monitor their heart rate for health reasons, it has been reported that iPhone and Android heart rate apps are not as accurate as they claim to be.

Even for those who are monitoring their heart rate to achieve their fitness goals will benefit from having an accurate pulse reading. Inaccurate heart rate monitor apps on your phone are a waste of time, which is why doctors recommend that you use a dedicated monitor instead.

Are Heart Rate Apps Legitimate?

With the amount of applications available on the app store, it can be hard to know which ones are accurate and legitimate. One of the main problems arising in the digital age is the lack of laws and regulations surrounding online life.

While on one hand we all enjoy the freedom that the internet and our smartphones allow us, that same freedom can also allow shady companies to make false claims, withhold information, and straight up lie to their consumers with little repercussions.

There are no laws regarding the accuracy of health and heart rate apps and with little regulation it is very hard to know whether they are accurate or not.  While heart rate apps may be able to approximate a range for your heart rate, there is a high chance that the actual number is not accurate. There also is a chance that the app has a faulty algorithm that could report that your heart rate is actually much different than it is in real life.

In the data reported by the European Society of Cardiology they found that there were drastic differences between the pulse measured by established apps and the pulse measured by an accurate medical-grade ECG machine. The research also showed that one heart rate app was far more accurate than one that was using the exact same technology. Scientists were stumped to find a reason for why one was better than the other, but these baffling findings certainly prove one thing, that heart rate apps are inconsistent.

What is the Best Heart Rate Monitor?

Garmin Fenix 6 Review 3
Garmin Fenix 6

Compared to apps on your phone, wristband heart rate monitors and fitness watches have been found to be a far more accurate readout. Although monitors with a chest strap are still the best, wristband trackers have become better in recent years, and with the convenience of wearing it as a watch it is not a big surprise that these kinds of heart rate monitors are very popular.

Wristband heart rate trackers are designed with the latest technology to keep the most accurate track of your pulse possible. If you are an athlete or a runner, using a wrist tracker is ideal because you can easily look at your wrist while you are doing other things without breaking your stride.

polar oh1
Polar OH1

Some people think that heart rate monitors have to be ugly, but that simply is not true. Heart rate monitors come in a variety of styles that look just like regular watches. If you prefer a manly rugged watch or a dainty watch for women, they make heart rate monitors in both ways. You do not have to sacrifice your fashion sense in exchange for a wristband tracker. You can switch the bands on a lot of wristband fitness trackers as well so you can customize the look of it.


Heart rate monitor apps on your phone have varying accuracy and with little regulation it is hard to know which ones you can trust. If you want an accurate heart rate monitor, it’s recommended that you check out some of the newest wristband trackers. In addition to coming in many stylish designs, they are also multi-functional, and are engineered with the latest technology for the most accurate pulse reading every time.

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