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Modern times bring modern problems. Over the last years, scammers have upgrade their game and one of their favourite playgrounds is the telephone world. Being aware of how to identify scam calls has become vital in order to stay safe. Thankfully, there are pages that allow you to check who is behind the call in order to avoid any danger.

Identifying who is behind the line with reverse phone lookup

Every phone user is due to receive eventually a phone call from a number you do not know. It often comes from a harmless source, like a phone call from the hospital to remind you of an incoming appointment. However, scammers have spotted a golden opportunity over those sort of calls. By pretending to call from a company you have heard of or pretending to know one of your acquaintances, they make seamless harmless calls which in reality are a way of trying to get your personal information and money. Thankfully, there are companies like Faketel that keep up a registry of phones used by scammers as well as tips to identify the sort of call you are facing. Services like Information.com also allow you to manually search via phone number to tie the digits to an identity. 

Blocking robocalls and other nuisance calls on mobile

There are lots of apps to deal with robocalls and nuisance calls on your mobile, however, most phones have some of this functionality baked in. With Android, there is some useful built-in tools. I have used my Huawei P30 Pro as an example, this may be a little different to other phones as Huawei uses EMUI rather than stock android.

Who called me and call blocker apps

Both Android and iOS have dozens of third-party apps that allow you to identify and manage who calls you. You need to be careful with some of these,

TrueCaller, probably the biggest name in this industry was caught out last year for selling names, phone numbers and email addresses of users worldwide on the DarkWeb. It was claimed that this date was leaked through a security vulnerability which has no been patched.

Popular alternatives include:

  • Should I Answer
  • Hiya 
  • Eyecon
  • Drupe 

Being aware of who is behind a scam

Recent studies show that 10% of Americans are victims of phone calls scams. They usually work in two different ways: the first one, by trying to get personal information of the victim and use it for fraudulent activities; the second by using disguised premium numbers which only goal is to overcharge the victim. 

That is when companies like Faketel become so handy. Faketel provides the users with a reverse phone number search engine. By simply introducing the calling number into the search bar, they walk you through a register of scamming phone numbers. If the one you are looking for is found, they will give you all the information regarding the scammers and their modus operandi so you do not fall victim of their schemes. 

Bellow this information, a blocking number guide is also provided, so you can block the scammers out and make sure they never reach you from that phone number again.

Making sure of checking area codes

A popular way of making spam calls is by using foreign phone numbers. Thankfully, this is quickly identifiable. Faketel provides the users with a full list of the area codes within the UK, so you can quickly identify if you are being called within the country and in which area the scammer is located. 

Premium number prefixes

Premium numbers have become a popular way of scamming phone users. Phone calls from these numbers charge the recieve ending. They are one of the favourite methods used by scammers, since they get pay depending on how long they keep you in line. Scammers using these methods will make sure you do not hang up on then, often pretending that they are redirecting you to different departments or solving an imaginary process that is requiring them time. A way of avoiding this kind of scam is by checking the prefix of the call. Faketel provides you with a list of the UK prefixes, information about which kind of entities use them and how much you can be charged when accepting a phone call from these sources.

Helping others avoid scams

A huge amount of the telephone numbers Faketel provides on their registry is thanks to the collaboration of users like you. If you receive a scam call, you can submit the data of the phone call to the website by filling a simple form. This form takes less than a minute to be fulfilled and by doing so, you help others avoid scammers and keep the world a little safer. 

At the end of the day, safety always comes first. Next time you receive a phone call from an unknown number or see that you have missing calls from strangers, make sure to not act in a rush. Keep a phone register site like Faketel at hand and check the number, because you never know when you may become a victim of a scam.

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