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This is a quick review of the Syncwire MagSafe ring plate adaptor, which sticks to the back of any phone or case to replicate the MagSafe functionality on iPhones.

I have always liked the idea of MagSafe. It is a simple but logical and very useful feature that makes wireless charging a bit easier and also provides users with a variety of mounting options and magnetic accessories for their phones.

I previously reviewed the Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro MagSafe Case, which converted me to MagSafe cases.

If you own a popular phone like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Pro or the aforementioned Pixel 8 Pro, you have plenty of options for third-party cases that include a MagSafe ring. I personally use the Ringke Fusion Magnetic Case on my S24 Ultra, and it has been excellent.

It can be difficult to get a good-quality third-party case for other brands. For example, the Honor Magic 6 Pro has plenty of cases listed on Amazon, but they are all from random brands. I was only able to find one MagSafe case from Giopuey, which was dispatched from China.

An alternative option is an adaptor such as the Syncwire, which I am reviewing today. This costs just £13 for a three pack, giving you an affordable way to convert multiple phones to be MagSafe compatible (assuming the phone has QI charging).

Fitting the Syncwire Magsafe Ring Plate Adaptor

Syncwire MagSafe Ring Plate Adaptor Review – Convert any phone case to MagSafe Application

The pack includes a paper positioner to help with the alignment, and you will want to double-check where your phone needs to be placed on a charger to activate the QI charging.

The rings have a protective film and use a strong adhesive to ensure a strong adhesion. To minimise any issues, I also wiped down the case with an alcohol wipe to remove any debris or residue that may interfere with the adhesion.

The instructions then recommend to wait at least 10 seconds before use.


I have used the Syncwire adaptor for the past few weeks, and it has worked perfectly. I have tested it with the Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1, Anker MagGo Qi2 Wireless Charging Station, and the MagGo Qi power bank, and it has worked fine for all the devices.

The magnetic attachment appears to be as strong as any other MagSafe case I have, and there is no hint that the adaptor will come loose.

Price and Alternative Options

The Syncwire MagSafe Ring Plate Adaptor is £13 for a three pack and at the time of writing there was a 5% discount voucher available.

Synwire also does another adaptor that’s just a circle without the elongated section at the bottom. This is slightly cheaper at  £12.

ESR has a 2 pack adaptor that’s £12

Rhinoshield also has a magnetic ring, which is £10 for a single adaptor.


The Syncwire MagSafe Ring Plate Adaptor is a simple and affordable accessory that can convert any phone case to be magnetic and allow you to use MagSafe chargers and accessories.

It has worked perfectly for me and it gets an easy recommendation for any Android users that would like to use MagSafe with their phones.

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